An Evening with the Dram team

Yesterday (  7th June 2016 ) myself and a few other whisky enthusiasts helped launch the new subscription whisky service named the dram team, the aim of this new company is to deliver fantastic sample size whisky to your door each month.  In each box there will be 5 different drams that are basically in most people’s price range ( up to £80 per bottle) and a 6th sample of something another level up…  Each month you would recieve a different selection, no hassle, no running to the shop and no looking through samples on other websites to see what you want to order.. The options are to purchase a one off box, 3months, 6 months or one years worth.. If your on Twitter check them out at @thedramteam or face book /thedramteam…


So on the launch we did a live tasting on Twitter, where we sampled the 6 offerings which were .. Inchmurrin 18, Auchentoshan Threewood, Glen Scotia double cask, Bowmore 15 darkest, Glenfarclas 105, and the finale dram was Highland park 21.. So here are some of my thoughts..

Inchmurrin 18.. Bottled at 46%.

I found this a little spirity, nosed and tasted younger than the age suggests, light coloured possibly hinted at re-fill casks ( but at least no colouring was used .. Bravo) underneath the youthful nose there was fruits, citrus notes, lots of oak and malty notes. On the palate the flavours were similar, with a little added spice and bitter lemon..

Although this was not totally to my taste it  showed the strength of the idea behind these boxes.. (I do believe this sample was from the older release and not the current offerings so please take these notes in accordance. )

Auchentoshan Threewood.. Bottled at 43%

This is one of my all time favourite malts, so it hit the spot with me, lots of big dark fruit flavours, think Christmas cake, rum notes, liquorice  chocolate and coffee notes, sweetness comes from vanilla, caramel and toffee notes, lots of thick gooey syrup… Lovely..


Glen Scotia double cask, bottled at 46%.


Again another big dark fruity dram, full of goodness and lipsmackingly flavours, a little similar to the toshan, lots of fruity notes, candied oranges, dates, figs and chocolate, ground coffee and Demerara sugar.. Again very drinkable..


Bowmore darkest, 15yo.. Bottled at 43%.

Im not the biggest Bowmore fan but this actually wasn’t too bad, the smoke was more subtle than I remembered, lots of dark fruits with coffee, syrup and burnt oranges. The palate served up pears drizzled with syrup served on damp wood, lots of dark flavours, and smoke infused goodness..


Glenfarclas 105.. Bottled at 60%


This is a beast of a drink. Full of lip smacking flavours, it is big, bold and definately not one for the faint hearted. Very much a sherry dram, all those typical flavours, they are just on steroids..


Highland park 21.. Bottled at 47.5%.

This is just on another level, it is sophisticated, complex and ever so well balanced and full of wonderful aromas and flavours. Aniseed/liquorice,toffee, dark chocolate, coffee and dark syrup.. Fruity sweet with candied orange and worthers original sweets..

This was just Devine, it is a dram that needs to be caressed. Take your time with this one..


So so if any of this sounds remotely interesting then search out the dram team and take a look at what they have to offer..

my thanks to the Dram team and Steve from the whisky wire for letting me take part in the launch of this new product.. Good luck to you all..



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  1. Bert Jordon says:

    These guys sound like I need to look them up.


  2. Alex says:

    These guys are bloody great with what they select. Great write up.


  3. Carla says:

    A lovely review with some good content, thank you.


  4. Rachel says:

    These guys have a good product and st s good price too.


  5. Edward says:

    This looks and sounds like a great evening and I like the thoughts behind this idea. I shall look at what the guys are offering, thank you.


  6. Graham says:

    Sounds very interesting, I will have to take a closer look, the drams you had sound very interesting too. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  7. sorrenkrebs says:

    You just did 👍


  8. Dave says:

    You might want to mention that many states in the US do not allow spirits to be mailed to residents there.

    Liked by 1 person

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