“THE ONE ” sherry 12 month finish.

The Lake District is a beautiful part of England, stunning mountain ranges, with scenery that draws people from all over the world, but nestled in between those stunning peaks just happens to be our very own English distillery.  The lakes Distillery is just about to release its very own spirit to the lucky few who became founders, but for the rest of us mere mortals they have been very kind to put together a rather delicious blended whisky made up from some very fine liquid from distilleries located all over the British Isles, now not contented with that they decided to finish a limited amount in oloroso sherry casks, firstly for 6 months ( reviewed in separate review) and now for 12 months.  As I was lucky enough to review both the original offering and the limited release 6 month old I could not resist when a fellow blogger offered me a sample in order to review the 12 month version, again a  limited edition..


Bottled at 40%abv..

Nose.. There is a distinct difference to the 6 month version, the sherry is more prominent, the dark fruits stand out, but with a subtle sweetness backing it up.. Dates, figs and candied orange are noticeable plums with dark chocolate sauce drizzled over. Some toffee notes and burnt sugar hint at where the sweetness is coming from.


Palate.. Slightly more spicy than the nose suggests, then the sherry notes kick in, dark fruits and Demerara sugar with those plums and a little poached pear. Dark chocolate and coffee grinds bring a slight bitter kick into play, like the 6 month version I get peanut brittle and a real subtle smokey note. Some citrus notes mingle with vanilla and toffee with the subtlest of oak in the background.


Finish.. Dry, oaky with a spicy twist..


Thoughts.. The extra 6 months have really altered this blend, it feels so much more balanced, the 6 month version was good but this is better, it has a slightly more complex feel to it while it is still noticeably the same blend.  You kind of get that giddy feeling about wanting to know what the spirit that they are producing is going to taste like.. If they manage to re produce quality like what they have produced in these blend offerings then you know the future will be rosey..


My thanks go out to Craig for this  sample.. You can check out his thoughts here ..


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  1. Calvin says:

    I keep seeing things about this distillery and I am starting to think I should go buy a bottle and see what all the fuss is about.


  2. Jim says:

    I am sure this piece hqs interested your visitors, its a really fascinating article.

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  3. I’m sure we’ll get chance to do a side by side comparison, as you know I’ll be picking the others when they are released..
    Might have to make a night of it 👍

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  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    Craig.. Thanks for the comments.. It will be very interesting to compare those, and do a full review for the whole range 👍


  5. Great review Sorren, I totally agree that this is a much more balanced and better version of the blend..
    Looking forward to seeing how the other sherry finish and the port one turn out..

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