Unrest in the blogging world.


Recently there has been a few bloggers raising issues about the honesty and begging for samples in the blogging community. These are my thoughts on the issues raised..

Firstly the issue of ” honesty” from certain bloggers and the community in general. This is a subjective issue, what we write should be what we feel is the truth ! Does this mean everyone will agree ? Of course not ! but there is a difference between what we feel is truthful and what we feel others want to read. We as bloggers can not just write things in order to please the company’s, this is just dishonest, this is not what people want to read, and of course this is not what blogging is really about ! The blogging community is getting massive now and everyday there are new blogs appearing, so we all need to do whatever to ensure our blogs remain relevant and on top but this does not include being dishonest ! Are some tasting notes over the top ? You bet they are ! Are some notes unbelievable? Again you bet they are ! Are these notes dishonest? NO! Not necessarily, if someone writes they have tasted ” engine oil” or ” soggy worms” or ” furniture polish” then that’s fine, if of course they know what these actually taste like and smell like, otherwise it bloody dishonest, don’t do it!! Don’t write it just because you have seen it somewhere else. My notes are generally quite simple and often look similar, this is because I don’t know what certain things taste like, others may very well know what it tastes like so they are entitled to write it ! There are some bloggers that write very extravagant notes, and what’s wrong with that.. Nothing… unless its dishonest ! Every blogger and anyone that writes notes can write what they think they get, it’s all relevant to them.. It’s personal to them and it is what they believe they smell and taste ! Who are we to say they don’t know what licking an oak sideboard tastes like .. They might just do it regularly !! Again it comes down to honesty.. Just don’t write notes in order to please someone else !! It is not just the company’s that read our notes, it is also people looking to buy bottles, if we lie to them we waste their money if we say it’s great but it is really crap, someone will go buy that bottle because they feel we have given an honest opinion.. Fortunately ( in my opinion) there is not very many bad bottles of whisky out there..
So next we have the issue of bloggers begging for samples.. Any approach to a company/distillery is begging ! It does not matter how you ask.. it is begging… Of course most of us still have to do it, we can not afford to buy every bottle of there ! and of course it does differ how we ask, we should be polite, we should understand that they receive hundreds of approaches every week.. I don’t know which approach works best but in my opinion being polite is the best way.. It is then up to the company/distillery who they want to send samples out to.. This is where the next issue arises, do the company’s only send to those that over exaggerate tasting notes ? I would hope not ! Some people think they do ! I personally don’t believe they do, therefore there is no need to do it !! Yes I do believe the company’s are very selective in who they do send samples to, and that is fine.. They want to use those blogs with big followings.. My only problem with the company’s is when they either totally ignore you and many do ! or they blatantly lie to us.. I have been told by a couple of company’s they don’t send out samples to bloggers only to see bloggers posting pictures of the samples they have received… Please be honest !! Just say No or you don’t meet our criteria!
The whisky blogging world has hundreds of great blogs, all are very different and offer a very personal thought process, some are more popular than others, some receive hundreds of samples and some get none.. Some are very honest and some not so honest, each of us bloggers know which category are own blogs are in.. And if we are happy with that then that’s fine.. I know my little blog is written with what I feel is my honest opinion.. If I like a whisky I will tell you ! If I don’t then you will be told so too.. It is my opinion and that is the point.. It is an opinion !! I have approached company’s for samples and I have received samples, these have then been reviewed with honesty… As long as it is honest then I don’t care if others agree or not..
My message to anyone reading this is ..



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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    I’d be up for it πŸ‘


  2. Agreed, the whisky aroma kit is expensive.However, imagine 10 or more serious whisky bloggers expressing an interest in purchasing a kit, with a view of publishing their results. Dr. Dodd could not ask for any better “awareness promotion” of his kit. He might be willing to negotiate a much better price.

    Again, this is just an idea.

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  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    Interesting idea.. But I guarantee there will not be many bloggers out there who will spend near to Β£100 to do this !! But it does sound like an interesting challenge.. πŸ‘


  4. Thank you Oliver Harland for prompting me to reread “Unrest in the blogging world”. The issue of honesty will always be with us. So here is an idea that may address the issue of honesty from a transparency perspective.

    Serious bloggers buy Dr George Dodd’s Whisky Aroma Kit with vials of 24 different aromas, go through the steps to assess their personal ability to detect different aromas, and post their results for everyone to see. I have done this out of personal interest and would be willing to share my results with others who are like minded and so inclined.

    It’s an idea.



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  5. Oliver Harland says:

    Well said.


  6. dani says:

    Wonderful work! And so many great points.


  7. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Rufus.. Thanks for your thoughts and the kind words.. πŸ‘


  8. Rufus says:

    This is spot on, there are far too many bloggers around who just beg and expect free samples for doing absolutely nothing in return! As bloggers you have a duty to be honest and self opinionated with your thoughts. I like your blog because I believe your honest in your thoughts and your reviews are somewhat near my own thoughts, so keep up with what you do.


  9. Mcdavis says:

    Wonderful article and so many great points.


  10. Alastair says:

    Well said.


  11. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thank you for your comments πŸ‘


  12. Sarah says:

    Honesty is the best policy…people do want to know the truth about what people think of whiskies. It will perhaps guide them into what could be an expensive purchase, but if it’s a whisky that’s fit for the drain (I’ve had a few) then say so.

    And yes, less of the ‘oh, it’s like a lamb on acid gambolling through a field of daisies’ and more about the tastes. Things people have ACTUALLY tasted.

    Good article.

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  13. Jane says:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written. Love the site !

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  14. Jason says:

    I have been following for a while now and thought I’d get involved, I do agree with your thoughts yet I found this interesting that you need to write an article like yours, surely honesty should be a given and not a choice. Personally all bloggers should be totally honest and straightforward with the reviews they publish.

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  15. mack says:

    This site gives quality based articles and reviews with lots of extra material, cant wait to read more from you.

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  16. sorrenkrebs says:

    Again the thing with saying it is a bad whisky is that it is an opinion, what I or you think is a bad whisky others may think it is good and vice versa.. Opinion is a vast ocean.. But it’s good to know your on side πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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  17. Completely agree with you on this one. I used to worry that my tasting notes were very basic compared to others but if I honestly can’t taste something I’m not prepared to say that I have just to make my posts seem more interesting. I think in part that’s down to being relatively inexperienced in whisky tasting compared to a lot of other people but also as you say – not everyone knows what “engine oil” or “soggy worms” tastes like. I also start each set of notes with a disclaimer to say that these are my personal opinions and that someone else’s views may differ from mine.

    As for whether a whisky is bad or not… well I honestly struggle to find what I would class as a bad whisky. In fact I’ve only found one whisky so far that I wouldn’t drink again. At the same time though I try not to recommend buying a whisky unless I truly think it’s worth while doing so.

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  18. Madashell says:

    I have noticed a few bloggers always review free stuff and say it is great, I then go and buy the bottle only to find it is nowhere near as good.. I would welcome honesty in reviews.

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  19. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks Wayne.. πŸ‘


  20. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks πŸ‘


  21. Wayne Cartwright says:

    Great debate.. Totally agree with you .

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  22. Christopher says:

    I agree with you on this one Sorren. Honesty is paramount, and even though the palate only gives you the basic tastes you still need to taste in order to taste.

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  23. sorrenkrebs says:

    Tasting notes are indeed subjective, we all interprete things differently but I do disagree on your thoughts about the tasting side, you have to taste something for all your senses to react in order to actually taste something.. πŸ‘


  24. Awhiskyfan says:

    Tasting notes are subjective, you can describe a taste without actually tasting something. You taste mostly by smell so you don’t actually need to taste it in order to describe a taste. Fact !

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  25. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks.. Your welcome any day and please don’t be afraid to leave any comments.. Good or bad πŸ‘


  26. Hi Sorren,
    I do indeed enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you.

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  27. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Emmett..
    Hopefully the fact you have replied means you read my blog and particularly agree.. I don’t mind people asking for samples, we have to receive samples sometimes, it’s all about being honest with your reviews..


  28. I read many whisky blogs with interest and always a grain of salt. For the record, I have tasted and scored over 3,000 whiskies, all of which I have either purchased, tasted at whisky festivals or received from fellow enthusiasts. I have become selective in whose blogs I read. In a nutshell, it is those who speak their mind, Whether they have politely asked for samples is not the issue. Speaking your mind based on your palate is the issue.

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  29. Anonymous Dave says:

    I read several blogs and I would expect them to be truthful with the reviews they give out. I have bought several bottles because I have the expectation they will be good !

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  30. Glen says:

    Well said .

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  31. sorrenkrebs says:

    I did think about naming them kris, after all I am talking about honesty but I felt it was not actually needed.


  32. Kris says:

    Nice read mate. Interesting that you did not name any of the company’s though, I’d be interested to know who you were talking about ?

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  33. sorrenkrebs says:

    Very true Craig, but one unhappy person due to being misleading info is one too many..


  34. Craig says:

    Another good read but let’s not get carried away, not everyone gets influenced by a bad review. The problem with all this is that it will happen in every walk of life, far too many dishonest people about.

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  35. Stu says:

    its all about getting free stuff. Total b/s from some bloggers. They should be ashamed.

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  36. James says:


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  37. sorrenkrebs says:

    Don’t forget though.. There are a lot more honest bloggers πŸ‘

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  38. Annoyed says:

    There are so many dishonest bloggers out there ! I am shocked by some of the bs that they put out. I say shame on them.

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