This 35yo Benriach was released back in 2014 in order to replace the 30 yo expression,  it is made up off whisky from the 70’s when the distillery was still owned by Glenlivet. The distillery was built back in 1898 by John Duff, and only produced spirit for 2 years before shutting doors for 65 years.  During this period though sister distillery Longmorn used the floor maltings which did remain in operation thus resulting in the buildings not getting demolished like many others.. Today the distillery has enjoyed a resurgence and has just had a takeover and is now owned by Brown -Forman, who also bought sister distilleries Glendronach and Glenglassaugh.

This 35yo is bottled at 42.5%abv, has natural colour and is NCF..

Nose.. Quite elegant at first, lots of dark fruits, dates, figs and a rich dark molasses notes mingle with candied orange, ripe banana  and a hint of peach.  Dark chocolate mixes with spices and subtle oak notes.


Palate.. Fruity at first with spices soon taking over and those dark fruit notes elegantly pushing in to get noticed, dark toffee and burnt sugar brings a sweetness that balances this mouthfeel perfectly.


Finish.. Not overly long but extremely pleasurable..


Thoughts.. This is a very elegant whisky, full of darkness and complex flavours. There has been some very good sherry casks used in this.  The nose leads into the palate perfectly and just  makes you impatient to taste.. One sip and your hooked, those dark fruits and sweet spices make your mouth water.. A real belter from Benriach..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Louis says:

    This is a whisky beyond my budget but you make it sound rather nice, reading your notes makes me feel like I can taste it too.


  2. Jane says:

    Hi would you mind letting me know where I might be able to get this bottle. You make this sound like a whisky I’d love to try.


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