I was given a sample by a friend a while back and asked to review it, all I was told was it is quite unique.. So the sample in question was Adnams spirit of Broadside, apparently this is distilled from what I am told is their excellent Broadside beer, it is then matured in heavily toasted Russian oak casks for 12 months.. This is obviously not a whisky ( yet ) but rather is called eau de vie de biere.. Bottled at 43%abv and classed as spirit..


Nose..  Er.. This is strange, quite malty and off putting, some vanilla and possibly popcorn.. Very spirity..

Palate.. Quite sweet but still very malty, lots of hoppy notes, and some bitterness mixed in.. Given time there is an overwhelming taste of bubblegum ( hubba bubba )

Finish.. Quite a long malty finish.

Thoughts.. I have to say this is not one for me, I just didn’t get it.. I don’t know if it was the beer thing ( I’m not a beer drinker)  or if this just is too far of the beaten track.. I don’t think it is a bad ” spirit ” it just is not what I want to spend my money on and drink.. But please remember this is only my opinion and many others with far more experience have given this the thumbs up..  Not for me I’m afraid.

I must thank ( I think ) Craig for making me try this.. Thanks Craig..

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  1. Donald says:

    This is bloody awful stuff ! I fully agree with your polite review, only thing this is fit for is cleaning the drain.


  2. Stanley says:

    I also tried this and gave the bottle away so I fully agree with your notes. But I gave the bottle to a work friend and they loved it, no accounting for taste.


  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi stu..
    I’m not really sure, it just tasted really strange to me, the nose was not great either..but please remember this is only my opinion 👍


  4. Stu says:

    Sorren, was the fact you did not like this because it was ale finished or did you just not like it at all ?

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