A few days ago I was approached and asked if I would like to try one of the water droppers from Angels share glass.. I obviously said yes but then thought to myself, hang on, I don’t add water to my whisky and to top it off would I actually part with money to buy something in order to add water to my whisky?   Who knows what will come next, I will probably have to buy some water to use this thing with.. O hang on, I WILL have to buy some water to try this dropper thing out !.. The tap water round here ain’t exactly pure.. Well being a true Yorkshire man I started to sweat a little, shit how much is a bottle of water going to cost me… If it’s more than 50p I’m stuffed.   Well it’s too late now I had agreed to do this, at least I’d have a bit of time to save up for that bottle,  2 days later it’s here and I’ve got about 20p in pennies, looks like I’ll have to go to that hole in the wall that gives you money if you get the secret code right otherwise it keeps your card.. Third time lucky, us Yorkshire folk write the wrong code on our hand for a reason you know !!


Right I have bought a bottle of water, first time ever.. Almost cried at the counter…

So Angels share glass, who are they ?  Well it all started with father and daughter team of Tom Young and his daughter Karen,  Tom started blowing glass way back when he was a teenager and has a very highly thought off reputation, he is today classed as a master glass blower and an exceptional craftsman. Tom uses the technique of lampworking rather than kiln glass blowing.. Karen is the lady who drives the business forward ( after all behind every great man there is a greater woman ) Karen has recently been awarded ” Entrepreneur of the year award 2015″ by Forth valley chamber of commerce..

So the package arrived in double quick time, a tick straight away !  On opening the package I find a very tasteful gold box, and inside was a rather beautiful product.. Now let me just jump back a little, I had obviously taken a quick look on the website just so I had an idea of what was coming, my first thought was this is going to be rather delicate and far too easily broken.. But, upon seeing it and holding it I couldn’t find fault here, ok it’s not a solid piece of glass and it is rather delicate but it is not flimsy.. No you can’t throw it at the wall but your not going to break it if you use it with a inch of normality.. Right looks like I’m going to have to pour a few drams just so I can try it out..  But it’s only 4pm, OK I’ll allow myself, so dram poured, bottle of water opened ( o the cost ) and away we go.. Now on the tin as they say, it tells me this will add water one drop at a time and not just a gush as usual..  Yep it did as it said it would, one drop at a time.. So what else can it do ?  Well it measured my father in laws dram out far better than I usually can ( one drop at a time ) told you I was tight !



So I looked for the price which is between £19-22, I now had to consider this into how  I would conceive this product.. Is it worth the cost when you can  very easily get those plastic droppers for a fraction of the price, or even just use a kitchen spoon or even a straw ?

These people are either brave or very confident in sending someone who would not usually use water never mind pay for something to actually put water into my whisky.. My first thought was yes I’d buy this as a gift for friends and family, it is beautifully made and looks rather fetching, then I thought would I buy it for me?   After looking at it for quite some time I rather think I would !  It might not get used a lot but it has a place on any whisky drinkers desk, table or wherever you drink your drams.. Is it good value for money, again yes I do believe it is!  It is made by craftsmen and looks rather beautiful.. Lastly is it actually practical ?   I have to say it does exactly as it says it does on the tin.. It drops one drop at a time.. Is it worth the money as just a dropper?  No.. But it is so much more than just a dropper, it is something that will be sitting on your desk, something you will look at for many years to come,  something you will show off to your friends and family, something you will talk about and yes something you will use to drop your water into your favourite dram..

So if you made it this far there is only one more thing to do..


I will be buying some more!!


I would like to thank the people behind Angels share glass for sending this product..

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  1. Darryl says:

    You’ve impressed us all with that posting!


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Sometimes we buy things for reasons beyond the actual usage, these droppers are quite stunning to look at, I am the first to say things are over priced !! But these are about right. Any more and I’d possibly question the price but for what you get out of these then it is a fair price 👍


  3. Rick says:

    They do look very nice and I understand your point that they are a lot more than just a dropper but at £20 they are not cheap. Saying that I could still find myself buying one just to show it off as part of my whisky stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Allan says:

    I have one of these droppers and they do look very good. Extremely well made, nice write up.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. sorrenkrebs says:

    Might I just say I did ask for a sample bottle but they don’t sell them, so yes I bought the normal size one, but in all seriousness this is a great product, I’ll show you next time we meet up 👍


  6. Whiskymad says:

    I bet it was a small bottle of water aswell.. Your so tight Sorren.

    Liked by 1 person

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