This review is being done as part of a larger flash blog for Twitter and Loch Lomond distillery where a handful of bloggers, vloggers and vagabonds… Ok forget the last one all put a review together and then all publish their thoughts throughout the day, we then get to see each other’s thoughts, notes and see if we agree..

Loch Lomond distillery is quite unique in that it is the only distillery currently producing different single malts, blends and  grain whisky on one site..  With products  such as Loch Lomond single malt, Inchmurrin single malt, Loch Lomond single grain and blends such as High Commissioner and Clansman all being produced in conjunction with this distillery..

Loch Lomond Distillery was first established in Arrochar in 1814, and the business was re established in 1964 by the former owners of the Littlemill Distillery in Bowling,  In 1984 the distillery stopped production again until Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouses acquired the business and resumed malt production in 1987.  The production of Grain whisky began in 1993 and the a further two stills were added in 1999.  At this time the Grain distillery was the only distillery in Scotland producing both Grain and Malt whisky. It also operates a unique set-up of three sets of stills.

This flash review is all about the Loch Lomond single grain release, but just what is a single grain whisky ? .. Firstly the main difference is, unlike single malt which is made using only malted barley grain whisky ( in Scotland ) is made with malted barley and any other grain such as wheat, maize and rye.  The other main difference is grain whisky is made using a continuous production method using a column still..  At Loch Lomond the Coffey still is used for the grain whisky, the continuous production is said to give us a smoother, lighter liquid..  The spirit still has to be matured for 3 years in oak casks. The information given though does state this is  exclusively made with malted barley ..


So onto the review.. This sample has kindly been supplied through the Loch Lomond group specially for this review..


Bottled at 46% abv, with a NAS… Possibly natural colour and unknown if chill filtered or not.. Made using only malted barley the difference between this and a single malt is the use off the Coffey still, and it therefore has a continuous distillation rather than the ” batch type used for single malt production..

Nose.. Distinctively citrusy to start, subtle floral notes with dried grass and soft vanilla notes..  Gentle aromas of apple and ripe Pear, heather honey and a splash of oak to finish off…

Palate.. A touch more spicy at first, gentle oak and soft fruit. Once it opens a little there are some lovely fruity notes, more stewed apple and poached pear, a little tropical note and again sweetness from honey and toffee.. The wood spice keeps popping up with a hint of sugared almonds and citrus peels..

Finish..  A good medium finish with spiced oak notes to the very end..


Thoughts..  This is a very easy drinking  grain whisky.. Although it does not carry the typical grain character in my mind,  it does have some nice Complex notes and a lovely balance which just makes this a dram that you want to keep sipping..  Although I don’t think this is an ancient grain it is packed with flavour and does not have that harsh flavour you get with the younger malts, well worth a try..

image image image image image image

Thanks go out to Steve from the whisky wire for organising this event and once again to the Loch Lomond group for the sample..

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  1. MHP says:

    Interesting piece


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Rafeal..
    I have to say that I think grain whisky is very much under rated, there are some fantastic expressions out there and not all of them are old versions.. it’s all just s matter of preference 👍


  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    E mail sent 👍


  4. Wallace Arnold says:

    A well written review piece. This is a great website, would you be interested in getting involved in an interview regarding how you created it? If so e-mail me!


  5. Rafael Tanner says:

    I would not really think grain whisky as same as single malt quality, although I understand there would be some good flavours and smells in a more older aged grain, do you agree with my thoughts ? Thank you


  6. J L says:

    Great review. Thanks 🙂


  7. Cody says:

    A delightful read, i just bought a bottle and enjoyed it an awful lot.


  8. Petra says:

    I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road. Cheers


  9. Sarah says:

    Another interesting and informative review. Yet again it has me thinking about trying new things!


  10. Colin says:

    Very good write up Sorren.

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  11. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments 👍


  12. Stu says:

    Another good review.

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  13. Nice review Sorren..

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  14. Anonymous says:

    A nice little write up mate, interesting to note the difference in why it is a grain not a single malt.

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  15. Whiskyfreek says:

    Very nice blog post. I definitely appreciate this your reviews. Keep it up!

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  16. Gary says:

    Nice review mate !

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