Wednesday evening ( 28-9-16)  myself and several other bloggers were given the opportunity to take part in a live tasting thanks to Steve at the whisky wire and the lakes distillery.. On the night we sampled the lakes distilleries very own spirit which was 15 months old, and was a first fill cask from  heaven hill which had previously held 4yo bourbon… Second on the night was the ever impressive “the one” blend that had this time recieved a finishing period in the finest Tawny port casks… And last but certainly not to be forgotten was the lakes very own Gin..


I had been very lucky to be given some new make from the lakes distillery so getting my hands on the young spirit was indeed a pleasure, it gave me the chance to see just how the spirit was maturing..

My tasting notes for the 15 month spirit were as follows.

Nose.. Spirity at first but a nice sweetness was starting to show through, quite floral with heather, blossom and fresh cut grass.. Hints of wood spice were starting to show along with some caramel, toffee and vanilla.

Palate.. Clean and fresh with nice sweet notes and a hint of spice starting to show.. Compared to the new make the floral notes were developing very well and the sweetness was starting to take control. Some delicate fruit notes were developing and this shows lots of promise..

Second up was the award winning blend “the one” . Finished in tawny port casks

Nose.. A delicious sweetness with some lovely fruity notes. Fresh fruits mingled with nicely with dark fruits and the scents of fresh picked wild berries. Some good vanilla and toffee notes with bitter chocolate and coffee aromas.

Palate.. Lots of dried fruit, dates,raisins, peaches and stewed apple with subtle notes of orange, grape and cinnamon.

The challenge for me came in the form of the Gin, I am no Gin drinker so my notes are rather short..

I found this very fresh, very floral and far too easy to drink.. Many on the night thought this was superb and I bow to thier superior knowledge..

I would like to thank Steve from the Whisky wire and the Lakes Distillery for allowing me to take part in this tasting..

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good post and straight to the point.


  2. Steph says:

    A nice review for what will hopefully become a very popular English distillery.


  3. Sarah says:

    Hmm a nice write up on the Lakes Distillery.

    Again the nose and palates seem to draw one in and make the opportunity of tasting them a must.


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