There was an epic journey on Thursday (29-9-16) one evening and a trip round the world, could this be possible ? USA, Canada, India, Japan, Ireland and finishing in New Zealand .. The Dram Team are fairly new on the block, the idea is they put together a box with 5 drams that are affordable to most of us ten a 6th dram that is a little more special.. They offer a monthly, 3 months or 6 months subscription and then give you the chance to take part in a live tasting on Twitter at the end of each month, a rather great idea and bags of fun !!


This was box no 2 and had whiskey from around the world so here are my thoughts and notes from the night..

First up was Michters us*1 small batch bourbon..

This was packed with lovely sweet notes, lots of vanilla and caramel, rich toffee and dried fruits, some distinctive oak notes mingled with butterscotch, nuts and maple syrup. Some very nice wood spice along with chocolate, and coffee flavours rounded this off very nicely.

Next was Canadian club sherry cask small batch.

This had some very nice rye notes, lots of dark fruit and delicious sweetness to it, the palate reminded me of buttercup syrup ( loved this as a kid ) very sweet and syrupy.. Lots of caramel, toffee, dates, plums, treacle and cinnamon.. A fresh pine aroma drifted in with a peppery background.

3rd in line was the ever impressive Paul John Indian whisky.. Brilliance by name and certainly by nature !!

This is packed with flavour, lovely fresh fruits, banana, Apple, pear, peaches and loads of sweetness with vanilla, burnt sugar and  caramel just rounding this off nicely.  Mixed in the journey is candied orange and an array of spices, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg just give this whisky a beautiful balance.

We then moved on to Japan with Nikka from the barrel..

This was very fresh and packed with fruity notes, lovely floral and gentle spices.. Orange, pear and Apple peels mixed with cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. Gentle oak caressed while caramel and toffee notes give you that warm fuzzy feeling..

And then we depart in Ireland… Connemara was our tipple here..

Gentle smoke rides on the back of citrus peels and stewed apples, poached pear drizzled in honey and fudge brought in a sweetness. Some scorched oak notes gave way to fruity peat notes with a dusting earthy note..

Last up was a trip to New Zealand with a 22yo 1992 cask strength malt from the New Zealand whisky company..

This was quite nice, lots of caramel, vanilla , citrus and fruity notes. Delicious honey, candied orange, fresh picked apples and a hint of cream soda just finished this off..

Mall the malts tonight had great aromas and lovely flavours, but on the night my order of favourites were..

Paul John Brilliance

Michters small batch

New Zealand 22yo


Canadian club


Thanks to The Dram Team for another great night and some fantastic drams to savour..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joey G says:

    Hello. Sounds like an impressive idea.


  2. Dixon says:

    Intriguing concept. I will be looking into this a bit more.


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