img_3038Last night had me attending a tasting along with Shilton from Paul John Indian whisky, my passion for this whisky just keeps growing,  the whisky is quite special and full of great flavours and aromas,  so last night when I was given the chance to tag along with Shilton to the Commercial pub, Chappletown  in Sheffield I was never going to turn it down.  I arrived a little early as usual but Shilton was not long afterwards, upon entering the pub the first thing that hits you is the great selection of malt whisky they have on offer ( I do believe it was in excess of 160 bottles) which for these parts that is rather impressive.. We were given a very friendly greeting by Paul who was very keen to talk about the pub and the whisky on offer and the group of people who regularly meet to have tastings both by the whisky companies and run internally.. we were then instructed it was going to be a full crowd of 50.. ( gulp )  Shilton had already mentioned he was not feeling 100% and I might need to step in.. Ye right, 50 people looking at me talking  ( don’t think so ) maybe a room with 10-15 people who know nothing about whisky but I knew a lot of these people would be quite knowledgeable, so this would be testing my nerve and knowledge to the maximum.. A good frien also helped out on the night in the form of Craig who also has his own blog.. .

Eventually everybody got settled down and Shilton gave a great introduction to Paul John whisky and the background to the company, then came the whisky, starting with ” Brilliance” then “Edited” then ” classic select cask ”  “Bold”  ” Classic select cask peated ” and the grand finale a single cask, cask strength peated version..


on the night the room was fairly well split on the favourite but I think the honours went to the ” classic select cask” which is also my favourite from the range, but there really was not too much in it, the Brilliance was very well loved along with  Edited and the single cask..  The best thing about the night other than the whisky of course was the great crowd, they were extremely friendly, very passionate and gave a very honest opinion for what they were drinking..  At the end the highest of praise was given to Shilton with the knowledge that the night was ” one of the best, if not the best ”  tastings the club had put forward..

My appreciation goes out to Shilton from Paul John, Paul from the ” Commercial pub and the great crowd who made the evening what it was..

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m sure they all enjoyed partaking in your knowledge and experience.

    What an opportunity. I turned down a chance to do that for a distillery years ago. Kind of wish I hadn’t now.

    C’est la vie.

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  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    The night was fantastic, having to stand up in front of 50 people was quite intense for me, especially as it was my first actual tasting where I was doing the talking..


  3. Sarah says:

    Well that sounded like a great night with a whisky you obviously feel quite passionate about.

    Looks like a great pub too and by the looks of the photos a great night was had by all.

    I’ve just actually finished a conversation on Paul John whisky with my friend and I’ve encouraged him to explore them.



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