Bruichladdich is a  distillery that needs no introduction, one of the iconic distilleries on Islay but with a slight difference..  Bruichladdich is a distillery that produces an Islay whisky without all that peat stuff, a full flavoured whisky that actually tastes bloody good without the smoke and peat flavours that we all associate with Islay. On Thursday night ( 13-10-16 ) the latest live tasting by Bruichladdich was to be aired on YouTube along with live tasting and comments on Twitter and Facebook, tasting packs were sold and sent all over the world,  most people might have had a wee taste before the night but I held off in favour of tasting along on the night and seeing if my thoughts would be similar to Head Distiller Adam Hannett.. Unfortunately on the night there was los of problems with the link so I had to do my tasting along with a few others on the night in the ” dark ” on Twitter.. I will try to add as much actual info as I can to this review but all tasting notes are my own thoughts.. On the night the tasting was presented in warehouse 12, this tasting was slightly different to the other live tasting as all info about the whisky was given ( not tasting notes ) cask types, abv and age. The whisky that was to be tasted on the night was as follows,   1, a 2008, 8yo Syrah wine cask, cask no 361, bottled at  58%abv.. 2,  a 2006, 10yo sherry cask, cask no 16-062, bottled at 58% abv.. and 3rd,  a 2005, 11yo bourbon cask, cask no 1062, bottled at 59%abv.. All of course are Natural colour and NCF..


My tasting notes on the night went like this..

2008, 8yo 2nd fill Syrah wine cask. Full matured..

Nose..  Some  wonderful aromas in here, lots of fresh berries, candied orange, apples and  pear drop sweets .. Some very nice oaky notes with hazelnuts, marzipan and icing sugar… delicious

Palate..  You get everything the nose suggests but with attitude, lots of  fruity notes with vanilla, wild berries, fresh spices like cinnamon, ginger and sugared almonds.. Some lovely dark fruits like dates and figs, sultanas and  plums come rolling in along with citrus zest and some dark chocolate and subtle tobacco notes (poss old cigar box )

Finish.. long, refreshing and fruity.

Lovely complex flavours and aromas..

2006, 10yo sherry cask px/Oloroso cask  (vatted whisky) originally filled into 2nd fill bourbon barrels until 2014.. then filled into px and Oloroso casks before going back into bourbon casks.

Nose.. Intriguing and seductive, loads of rich dark fruit aromas, dates, figs, sultanas, plums and candied orange.. Burnt toffee notes compliment subtle liquorice, leather, marzipan  and cinder toffee aromas while stewed Apples made into a classic pie with cinnamon and ginger notes make you want to dive straight in…

Palate.. This explodes in the mouth, wonderful dark fruits, dates, figs, raisins with candied orange, dark treacle, burnt toffee, tobacco, butterscotch and vanilla just make this absolutely stunning.. this just keeps evolving, cream soda, liquorice and lots of fruity notes with some delightful floral notes..

Finish.. Dark and fresh..

Extremely  well balanced with some great complexity..

2005, 11yo first fill bourbon cask ( ex Buffalo trace cask)

Nose.. A lovely spicy start from cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg along with a sweetness that develops after a few minutes, succulent vanilla notes with some fresh apples, pears and caramel, a delicate hint of coconut and sugared almonds..

Palate.. Very fresh with a lovely sweet start, lots of vanilla, toffee and caramel flavours, butterscotch mingles well with some mouthwatering spices and fresh floral notes.  Lots of rich honey notes with poached pear and fresh apples..

Quite delicious with great balance and succulent flavours that really make you want to take another sip..

Thoughts.. I must declare I have not tried a lot of Bruichladdich whisky in the past, I have a few bottles of the 10yo which is rather tasty but these 3 expressions tasted tonight have made me sit up and scratch my head as to what the hell I have been missing out on.. I will not be so stupid in the future ! For anyone who tried these bottles on the night ( or before) and for the millions who know how good these “Laddie” bottles are I’m also now on board.. My final thoughts are..

This whisky was STUNNING..


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex says:

    Hi there. Interesting read, many thanks


  2. Me says:

    Sounds like you had a blast !


  3. Eduardo Laplac says:

    You are very good at describing the tastes of these whiskeys and I enjoy very much reading all the things you write so thank you for writing them.


  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    It was indeed a great night, fantastic whisky.. what’s not to like 👍


  5. Graham G says:

    Sounds like you had a great night and I am very sure the whisky would be great too.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Craig says:

    A great review Sorren along with lots of great content, but you really do need to try more laddie’s

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sarah says:

    Another fab review Sorren!

    Your descriptions of the whiskies are always a tantalising read.

    Definitely more for the “must try” list.

    Liked by 1 person

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