Over the last year or so Compass box have been making a little noise over the “Transparency ” issues in the whisky industry and for good reason too !!  Although a few other companies/distilleries have welcomed and even taken steps to be a little more open with what they are releasing there is still a long way to go..  The latest releases to hit the shops are the Spice tree extravaganza and this 3yo that I’m about to review.


So this 3yo is of course NCF and natural colour.. bloody hell for a 3yo this has some real colour to it..must have been a real active cask.. Bottled at 49.2%abv this should be interesting.

Nose.. For a 3yo this has a great nose, rich vanilla, apple strudel, ripe banana with sweet butterscotch sauce..  Citrus peel and a slight earthy note lies beneath all the fruity sweetness..  ( I’d swear this is older than 3yo)


Palate.. Again the vanilla and full on fruity flavours dominate, a slight waxy feel to this gives it another dimension all the time this screams out quality and for a 3yo this demands to be given the respect a much older malt would command..


Finish .. This is more spicy with subtle smokey notes.


Thoughts.. I am under the impression this 3yo retails for around £180 which would make it possibly “the oldest 3yo around” this is of course a very complex whisky which is very well balanced and has a quality that should be respected.  Although this is an undisclosed blend it really does have a lot in common with middle aged  malts from Clynelish along with some younger ( possibly 3yo and about 1% of the content) younger Clynelish and a hint of talisker possibly from first fill sherry butts,  but of course this is purely an educated guess on my behalf..



Off course this review is utter rubbish just like the 3yo age statement !!  Please give us transparency..

Compass box says..

For various reasons (including, believe it or not, ‘brexit’) it is unlikely that any satisfactory change in EU or Uk laws will be achieved in the short-term, but that does not mean we cannot continue doing what we have always done and blend whiskies of different ages to create complexity and balance. and with that in mind, we are proud to introduce you to our newest Limited Edition scotch whisky: 3 Year-Old Deluxe… …a blended malt whisky composed of just under 1% three year-old malt whisky produced near the village of brora, a little over 90% malt whisky of an unstated but considerably older age from the same distillery and 9% peaty malt whisky, distilled on the isle of skye. Regulations permit us only to share details of the age of the youngest component!

No matter. For it is this three year-old component that we think is truly special – aged by us, from the time it was new-make spirit just off the still, in our own high quality first-fill american oak casks. it imparts a lively vivacity to the blend, as well as representing a milestone in our development as whiskymakers, as it is from our very first campaign of laying down new-make spirit. 3 Year-Old Deluxe is a celebration of the role that whiskies of all ages can play in a well-constructed blend. we like to say that it is … precociously mature. however you drink it, whoever you share it with, above all share and enjoy.

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