Last night ( 9-11-16.) myself and about a dozen other blogger and whisky lovers joining in with the incredible award winning Edinburgh based Wemyss malts for a live tasting organised by Steve Rush from the Whisky Wire.. On offer to us was the recently released limited editions of batch strength versions of the incredible ” The Hive, Spice King and Peat Chimney”.. and to top it off we had the pleasure of an exclusive edition of a Rob Roy cocktail, made of course with Wemyss own blend of Peat Chimney.. These bottles were launched last month {October 2016} and will most probably sell out quite fast so don’t hang about if you want one !!


So how did the evening go ? Well as you would expect the whisky was of course a big hit with everyone, but what else would you expect from these guys.. I have been able to review the regular releases before so this is another chance to sample the wares they release. Wemyss malts have a core range of blended malts and also release single casks which are said to be exceptional !! Now if the blended core range expressions are anything to go by then I’d expect they will be just that..
On the night ” The Hive” was my favourite and was also the first one on offer, bottled at 54.5%abv and is Non chill filtered..
Nose.. Fruity with honey in abundance, subtle spices such as cinnamon and ginger were keen to show up while citrus notes and subtle chocolate aromas gave this a multi dimensional bouquet..


Palate.. Starts with an explosion of wood spices, natural fruity sweetness and rich heather honey with hints of butterscotch, cinnamon and ginger and rich orange chocolate..

Finish.. A delicious sweetness to the very end.

Next up was Spice King and this one was bottled at 56% abv and again Non chill filtered..

Nose.. Starts of with soft smoke and lush fruity notes before an onslaught of spices take over.. Ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and subtle oak mingle with Nectarines, apricot and pear soaked in honey.

Palate.. Everything the nose suggests.. This is smoke infused fruit on a bed of spiceswith honey drizzled all over it !!

Finish.. Delicate smoke and spice..

Last of the malts was Peat Chimney.. Botyled at 57%abv and once again is Non chill filtered..

Nose.. Big smoke, smouldering charcoal, burnt sugar and candied oranges.. some slight earthy undertones balance out the fruity, spicy notes.

Palate.. Drying smoke, toasted almonds, orange peel, raw ginger ate all evident along with Manuka honey. Roasted green peppers and red chilli gives it a little kick..
Soft peaty notes are presented but more a fruity type rather than the big medicinal flavour you get in those Islay malts..

Finish Smokey and drying..

img_3262 img_3275 img_3277 img_3278

Another great night with great malts and great company.. if you get the chance to join in on one of these evenings then don’t hesitate to do so.. if your on Twitter then keep an eye out for @thewhiskywire..

My thanks go to Steve and Wemyss malts for another great night and fine malts..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. John K says:

    Well I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks.


  2. Bret says:

    These guys keep churning out great malts and the single casks are phenomenal.


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