Benjamin & Blum is proud to announce the UK launch of a collection of rare bottled teas designed to be a luxurious mixer for whiskies and other fine spirits and to be enjoyed neat as a sophisticated alcohol-free drink.

There are two expressions, each using leaves carefully selected for their rarity and distinct taste profile: the fragrant Darjeeling White Peony is grown at high altitude in Darjeeling and hand-picked once a year; and the rich Connoisseur’s Oolong is grown in New Zealand in perfect growing conditions for a world-class tea. Cold brewed in Britain in small batches, using a pure Scottish spring water, each drink is rounded off with a dash of starflower honey from the Cotswolds and a hint of orange for harmony. The infusion is then bottled by hand in beautifully presented, bespoke glass bottles.

As a luxury mixer for spirits, the optimum balance is achieved in a one-to-one proportion; Paul Benjamin, Managing Director of Benjamin & Blum, recommends to “serve lightly chilled, take a sip, and feel the full range of flavours and gentle sweetness balancing the richness of the spirit.”

The Connoisseur’s Oolong has a nose of hay, chocolate and roasted nuts and grains with a rich, lingering honeyed sweetness that complements almost all whisky styles, including peated whiskies.

The Darjeeling White Peony is more fragrant and floral on the nose. With peach blossom and crisp apple notes this variety pairs well with brandies and fruity whiskies as well as bourbons and aged rums.

Paul Benjamin adds: “Our products are not just to complement fine spirits; they can be enjoyed on their own as a refined non-alcoholic beverage. We want to offer something new and sophisticated for consumers who do not wish to drink alcohol, and the demand is rising for alcohol-free drinks with complexity and elegance.”

Paul Benjamin set up Benjamin & Blum in London to continue the work of his great-grandfathers – Marcus Benjamin, a purveyor of fine food and drink in Berlin, and Friedrich Blum, who supplied luxury goods to Viennese high society.

The small-batch, hand-bottled drinks from Benjamin & Blum are now available to purchase from Selfridges, priced at £25.95 for a 200ml bottle.

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