16 NOVEMBER 2016: The Johnnie Walker House has launched exclusively in the Wines & Spirits Room at Harrods, offering whisky connoisseurs a bespoke whisky blending experience and an exclusive portfolio of the finest award winning Scotch whisky gifts, which can be personalised.

The Johnnie Walker Signature Blend Experience, will offer discerning customers a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop their own personal blend of whisky with the Johnnie Walker Master Blenders. Working with customers to determine the liquid’s unique taste, fragrance and texture, they will draw from the rarest of casks amongst the more than seven million in the Johnnie Walker reserves and bottle to customers’ specific style and design. This is the ultimate journey of personalisation, previously only available via the Johnnie Walker Houses in Asia.

The Johnnie Walker House offers an unparalleled selection of gifts, from Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the world’s number one super-deluxe blended Scotch whisky and a must-have in every luxury drinks cabinet, to The John Walker, also known as ‘The Founder’s Blend’ using only whiskies that would have been familiar to John Walker in his lifetime. For a unique and personal touch, this bottle can be hand engraved with a design by Phillip Lawson Johnston, who holds the Royal Warrant as the Queen’s Official Hand Engraver of Glass, making this a gift of true craftsmanship.

Global Director for Johnnie Walker, Lawrence Law: “Harrods is a natural partner for Johnnie Walker House as we are both committed to offering consumers an unforgettable shopping experience. We look forward to bringing our rare whisky collectibles to many discerning UK consumers, and adding one of the world’s most famous department stores to our growing network of Scotch whisky embassies.”

Nick Fleming, Spirits Buyer at Harrods: “The Johnnie Walker House at Harrods epitomises the old adage that whilst distilling is a science, blending is an art. This is an unparalleled opportunity to showcase what is essentially a deconstruction of one of the most important brands in the history of whisky.”


The Johnnie Walker Signature Blend retails at £95,000.

A 20cl bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label retails at £64.95 and a 70cl bottle, at £190.

The John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2016 retails at £550 whilst the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Striding Man Collection is available exclusively at Harrods at £295.

The John Walker with the bespoke engraving from Phillip Lawson retails at £2,495.

JOHNNIE WALKER®, the most widely distributed Scotch whisky brand in the world, showcases its whisky culture in innovative ways at the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE, with locations Singapore, Beijing, Chengdu and Seoul. Each JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE was specially created to encapsulate the Johnnie Walker brand experience and immerse consumers in the brand’s history, provenance and pioneering spirit. Inspired by the idea ‘whisky conversations,’ the JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE is a place for consumers to discover the rich heritage of Scotch whisky. JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE serves as an exclusive embassy for luxury Scotch whisky, and meets consumer demand for brands that exude true heritage, craftsmanship and exceptional quality.

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