1994 V 1995 ” Battle of the Glendronach”

I don’t usually do head to head when I review for the blog but in this instance i just had to.. 1994 and 1995 are the birth years of my two daughters so it just feels right to review both together.  This latest release of single casks from Glendronach just seems to have goe crazy and getting hold of any of the bottles has been a real battle but I have been very lucky in that Glendronach have sent samples for the entire range in order for me to do these reviews..


Both these bottles have come from a Pedro Ximenez sherry puncheon  and are bottled at 53% and 54.6% respectively.. The 1994 is from cask #339 and the 1995 from #543.


Nose.. Rich and decadent.. There is a very musky scent to this, lots of dark fruits like dates,raisins, figs and some plums, apple and candied orange with dark chocolate and coffee beans give this a lovely direction.. Oak aromas along with tobacco and old leather give this a mature feel while hints of cinnamon and ginger mixed with a little vanilla give it a interesting twist.

Palate.. Mmmmm. The earthy note carries a luxury feel bringing all those luscious dark fruits into play along with winter berries, Turkish delight and dark chocolate. Hints of bonfire toffee and burnt caramel carry in the sweetness with oak,coffee and sugared almonds.



Nose.. A little more oaky with those typical dark fruits battling to get through.. Toffee apples and chocolate orange along with vanilla, caramel and coffee grinds Coe in to play while after a few more minutes  there is some tobacco notes with old leather and almonds.

Palate.. Very different to expectations.. Spices lead the way with a distinct  oakiness showing off the maturity.. vanilla, chocolate and dark fruits take turns in stimulating the senses along with molasses, burnt sugar and chewing tobacco..

Thoughts.. Again two extremely different experiences with both casks shining in completely different ways.. The 94 is very similar to the 96 in there is a distinct earthy note that shines through ensuring you understand this is a mature beast while the 95 shows a more lively style with more oak and spices.. Both casks show great balance and complexity and I really can not find fault with either.. Both casks show just how good Glendronach is and when you can produce whisky like this then you should be really proud of your product.. FANTASTIC WHISKY !!

Thanks go out to Glendronach for the generosity they showed in sending the samples..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    I love whisky..
    Both casks are fantastic and worthy of a purchase.. both very different and full of delights.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    They all have great features but yes possibly in that order although for some reason the 2003 is one I would pick up more often.. the 94 and 96 are something very special and I can’t wait to try the rest..


  3. Anonymous says:

    so for the PX’s it would be classified from best as follow: 94, 96, 95, 2003, 2004, 2002?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ilovewhisky says:

    Another wonderful review. Interesting to see it done head to head.

    What delights these two casks have is a delight to read. I really must try some!


    Liked by 1 person

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