2016 was the first full year for ocdwhisky and what a year it was.. This short piece is just a quick summary and a way for me to say thanks to everyone that has supported me on my attempt to get this blog up and running.. My whole attitude towards whisky and the people inside the whisky world has changed through doing this blog,  the ” whisky fabric ” is a great group of people out there who just want to help everyone and anyone to understand and enjoy the world of whisky.. The many forums, Twitter and of course the other whisky bloggers are all there to help anyone that wants to learn more and /or just want to talk whisky.. The industry is I suppose like so many other industries in that there are some absolutely fantastic people that really can’t do enough to help and go out of their way to offer help, give information and just be friendly towards everyone that approaches..  I have also met some incredibly nice and generous people through the blog, people like Craig who also has a blog

and Ben who is an incredibly generous guy and is doing such a great thing with his dram a day charity push.. And anyone that thinks having a dram every day for a year and recording it for a vlog is easy believe me it isn’t.. the work that this guy is having to put in is incredible and over the year this amounts to some serious time and effort ( a real life hero ! )

2016 also had me actually doing a little “work”  ok to me it was a great privilege but I might have been a little too keen but I’ll never really know.. I was introduced to Indian whisky by the way of Shilton who works for Paul John whisky and this guy is one of the nicest people I have met through whisky, always happy to talk and always happy to let me get involved ( not that I give him any choice..Thanks  Shilton for everything ) All the people I have met through the festivals are amazing,  and of course they all love whisky just like me.. Unfortunately there are just too many to name but one that stands out was Dave who again also has a great blog

Dave also works for “That Boutique-y whisky company ” and is again one of those guys that just wants to help.. He has offered so much information and help behind the scenes in order to help me approach and possibly get into the whisky industry that I’m indebted to him.. This small review could actually go on forever but I must thank one more person who has done so much for me and my blog and that is Steve Rush from the whisky wire .

Steve is the man behind most of the tastings that I have been involved in on Twitter and without his help I’d have tasted far less than I have and believe me when I say some of the tastings have offered whisky that was absolutely mind blowing !!

The distilleries have also been so supportive and it’s hard to say thanks to them all but a few really do deserve a special mention.. Glen Moray, Tomatin, knockdhu, Aberfeldy and Tomintoul all went that extra mile to really help me this year with support and information and again I’m indebted to you and the people that are always there to help, People like Graham and Iain from Glen Moray , Gordon  from Knockdhu and Scott and Shelagh from Tomatin who I’m sure all dread my name by now..  These are just a few of the great people and I am really sorry to the ones not mentioned but I would never get this written if I mentioned you all.. There are also the independent bottlers who have shown great support,  Adrian from Claxtons, Gordon and Macphail and Fred himself from Douglas Laing who has on many occasions corresponded with me on several topics.. Without all these guys the blog would not have been anywhere as successful as it has been..

2016 has offered up many great bottles of whisky and so many great memories for me.. York whisky festival, actually getting involved with tastings and like mentioned the endless support from what are relative strangers who all act like we have been friends forever.. Many of who I might never actually get to meet but it’s like we live next door.. ( yes George that’s you ) so hopefully 2017 can live up to the high standards that 2016 has set and I get to interact with the many great people that made 2016 so great..

( Craig, Ben, Dave, Graham, Iain, Gordon, Scott, George, Wim, Jason V, Sarah, Angie, Andy ( amateur drammer ) Maltman mike, Tom, Fred, Adrian, Shilton, Jonathan, Murray,jo, Mark ( whiskywhistle) Femke.. All made 2016 a little special .. I’m sure you know who you are without me naming you all fully..


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  1. Jane says:

    I will right away grab your attention by saying great choices,


  2. Colin says:

    Sound so like you had a great year Sorren, can’t wait to catch up and see what you have lined up for 2017.


  3. Adam says:

    Sounds as though you had a great year mate, can’t wait to read your reviews in 2027. Have a great year !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks for the comments.. always a pleasure to learn I’m helping the learning process and people enjoy reading my waffling.. Have a great new year too 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ilovewhisky says:

    Great review Sorren.

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and have found your reviews to be interesting , informative and honest…I’m sure you’ll continue to move on in this wonderfully friendly community of the whisky fabric. And I’m sure like myself that many are learning from you.

    Best wishes for the year!



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