BENROMACH 2005 Hermitage wood finish

Benromach distillery company  was founded back in 1898 by Duncan MacCallum and F.W.Brickmann who started construction on the distillery in the same year before starting to produce spirit in 1900, unfortunately due to lack of money the distillery also shut in the same year.  In 1911 Benromach was bought by Harvey McNair and company who re-started distilling, the distillery changed hands a few more times before 1993 when Gordon and MacPhail became the latest name to take control.. Gordon and MacPhail restored the distillery before officially re-opening in 1998 when it was opened by the Prince of Wales.

Benromach Hermitage wood Finish is initially matured in first fill bourbon casks before spending a “finishing” period in French red wine casks brought in from the Northern Rhone Hermitage appellation D’Origine Controlee known best for the Syrah grape..

This release has a limited number of 4,200 bottles and has been bottled at 45% abv.


Nose.. Starts of with a fresh fruity aroma before a little oak and candied orange note appears. Soft spices mix with honey, vanilla, fresh pears,apples and winter berries. A subtle hint of milk chocolate along with sugared almonds and digestive biscuits round off the nose.

Palate.. Again starts of fruity with orange liqueur and hints of chocolate orange. A little oak creep in alongside red apples, dried fruits, heather honey and subtle spices.

Finish.. Warming with a touch of oak spice.

Thoughts.. This is certainly pleasant enough, although it is a little strange at first sip but once you get to grips you can start to really enjoy it.  If your not a lover of wine finished whisky though this might not be for you, but since I rather enjoy them this one appeals. There are some interesting aromas and flavours that needed to be given time to open and once they did it really started to tell its story.


My thanks go out to Craig from .  For this sample..

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