ANGELS SHARE GLASS.. New year new logo.





As we approach our 4th anniversary here at Angels’ Share Glass, we felt it was the right time to rebrand our logo to reflect the global nature and modern elements of our business.

We truly love our original logo, which was designed by our director and founder, Karen Somerville, when the idea for the business was a mere dream. It has served us well, but the growth of Angels’ Share Glass now demands something a little more contemporary and prestigious – and we’ve found it in this wonderful new logo you see here, which encapsulates our traditional roots within a modern context.

The clean, sharp, stylised “A” is beautifully simplistic, yet truly representative of our inherent characteristics and the nature of the business.

Designed in a minimalistic way to represent modern times, the logo emulates a flame to represent the traditional art of glass blowing, whilst also being reminiscent of an angel’s wing. It’s truly beautiful and we’re all completely in love with this design – it strikes a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

We wanted to move away from solid black, toward a softer palette more reflective of glassware. The gold echoes the warmth and lustre of whisky and the delicate beauty of glassware, and the incorporation of teal as an accent colour adds a vibrant and contemporary twist. The result is something we believe will appeal to our increasingly global and contemporary market, whilst also providing a fresh look for our existing customers.


You will begin to see our new logo featured on our products, packaging and online platforms before the end of January (with our new website to launch on Monday the 30th of January). Keep an eye on our Facebook page as there is an exciting GIVEAWAY coming up to celebrate our rebrand!


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