Glendronach 1990 Single cask. Batch 14.


Glendronach as you might know if you have been following my blog very kindly allowed to me review the whole batch of single casks releases in the 14th release..


A little fact about the distillery is that in days gone by  all the  workers at GlenDronach would have lived on site, including the distillery manager, staff, excise man, brewer and all of their families… If you visit the distillery today many of the old houses still remain.

The most famous of them all is Glen House, built in 1771 and has been the home to many of the distillery’s managers. Rumour has it that this famous old house has a permanent resident.. The front room is reportedly haunted by a Spanish lady, who travelled over to Scotland in a sherry cask.  The heavenly being is said to be quite partial  to the odd tipple now and then, maybe this is where the Angels share actually goes !!

Glendronach 1990

Distillery.. Glendronach

Region.. Highlands

Distilled.. 1990

Bottled.. 2016

Age.. 26 years

Abv.. 50.8%

Cask.. PX Sherry Butt #2973

Bottler.. Official

Nose..  There is nothing fresh here ! The nosejust surrendered to the most glorious old musty aroma imaginable. This is big dried fruits like dates, prunes figs and only the best Turkish delight, rich thick orange marmalade, chocolate orange, all wrapped up in thick maple syrup, black gooey toffee and vanilla..  Old leather, the faintest note of tobacco and liquorice sticks.

Palate.. nom, nom , nom..  This just has everything,  those dark fruits are all wrapped in a blanket of thick molasses, the orange segments have a toffee coating,  the almonds are of course roasted in sugar and burnt slightly. There is a hint of plums in chocolate sauce and liquorice torpedos, Bakewell tart with a cherry on top of corse.

Finish..  Ahhhh there’s the spice and oak.

Thoughts…  O you know how this goes.. it’s bloody good !! The old mature notes are there, close your eyes and you imagine you are in a dusty old warehouse just hovering over an old sherry Butt, sniffing and going ” ooooo” ” aaahhhh” this is pure magic .. No, really this is THAT good, one of the most complex and well rounded Glendronach’s I have had the privilege of trying.. This is hitting every spot and more..



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  1. Jerri B says:

    hello, i really like your reviews, I will promote your post in my facebook group. I’m sure my fans will love it. Thank you


  2. Gina says:

    I must first say I am not a big fan of sherried whisky and when I tried this bottle it was too strong for my palate but I get where you are coming from.


  3. Jim says:

    I like points you made here, I just couldn’t leave your website prior too suggesting that I actually enjoy reading your information.


  4. Christopher says:

    This sounds like a real good bottle and right up my alley. I do like a good sherry matured whisky and the older the better.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Anotherwhiskyfan says:

    Hi there to you.
    Your reviews and contents are truly good for people to gain experience, well, keep up the good work friend.


  6. ilovewhisky says:

    Another delightfully enticing review that just has you tasting the words as they lift off the page…if only.

    But to be able to imagine what each note gives you as you draw in its scent, or what each sip delivers as it enters your mouth and washes across your eager tastebuds…and delighting your mouth as you find out if the nose really was teasing you, and then the pleasure of finding it was.

    These have been terrific insights into GlenDronach, thank you.


    Liked by 1 person

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