SCALLYWAG (Douglas Laing )

Douglas Laing is Probably a name most whisky drinkers will associate with extremely well priced, top quality single cask bottlings but they also offer a good range of blends and vatted malts including today’s offering.. Scallywag is a ” small batch” expression created using some of the finest Speyside malts available like Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes so you can imagine that this is going to be sherry rich and you wouldn’t be wrong .. Matured in Spanish sherry buts with an odd bourbon cask thrown in for good measure this blend of single malts offers the best of Speyside.


The bottle proudly hosts a picture of a fox terrier for which the Douglas Laing family have loved for some time with the current ” scallywag ” being named Cooper..

Scallywag is bottled at 46% abv and is of course NCF and has Natural colour.. As is all of the Douglas Laing range..

Nose.. Delightfully subtle, the dark fruits are there and with the help of spices and oak and a little sweetness they make this very pleasant ..

Palate.. Fruity at first with hints of apple pie and cinnamon, apple strudel and caramel sauce.. Gentle oak along with some candied orange, chocolate and a little fresh ginger comes into play.

Finish..Fresh with a touch of spice.

Thoughts.. This is not one to blow your mind but instead it is one that you will want to reach for when you just want to sit back and drink good whisky without having to think about anything other than when you have to re- fill your glass ( that might be often so be warned ! )  Very easy to drink with some very nice flavours this is certainly one for everyone’s whisky cabinet.. Enjoy !

img_3813 img_3816






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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing wrong with a little scallywag or even a large one.


  2. Patrick M says:

    A bottle that is long overdue to be added to my collection.


  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    That they are.. All are great value and exceptional quality !

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  4. Ahhh, love that lil’ doggie! I’m a huge fan of the Remarkable Malts series, offering top-notch blends with killer packages for really good prices.

    Liked by 1 person

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