TOMATIN 1981. 32yo Oloroso Cask.

Tomatin… A distillery I overlooked for far too long and is now one that I take a lot of notice off .. Why ?  Well because the whisky is damn good that’s why !  I was extremly lucky to review some of the single casks on offer last year for bottling yourself when visiting the distillery and of course when I did visit I bottled a few for more research ( well that’s what I call it ok) since then I have bought several bottles but today’s review is something rather special !!


Over the last year or so I have really fallen for the sherry matured and sherry finished expressions that are being released and in some ( not all ) cases the older ones are just hitting the spot !  I now have the opportunity to try this Tomatin 1981, 32 yo single cask #001 that has matured solely in  an ex Oloroso Butt.. Distilled on the 21st of April 1981 and bottled May 2014 this is unfortunately all gone now but I just had to still put my thoughts out there.. This was bottled at 42.3% abv, natural colour and this is NCF..

Nose.. Surprisingly fresh for a 32yo.. This starts with rich dates, sultanas, plums and oak.. Dark chocolate, coffee grinds and candied orange with subtle hints of liquorice, Manuka honey and molasses all take turns in delighting your senses.

Palate.. Instantly warming with a soft spicy kick and dark fruits.. Chocolate orange, coffee and oak balance it out before a hint of almonds and liquorice toffee give you a sweeter side.

Finish..  Long and warming with a twist of wood spices..


Thoughts.. Very subtle but in a big way if that makes any sense ..  This certainly gives you everything you want but in such a way that nothing dominates but rather just marries  perfectly together.. It’s seductive and has the power to just send you into a daydream.. Sure to send your senses into overdrive, this whispers sweet nothings as it passes your lips !!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Anton Schep says:

    Wow sorren, I wish I could try whisky of this stature as I have only really had the basic core range.


  2. Bogle says:

    This was an extremely wonderful pice on this particular whisky. Thanks for providing this information.


  3. Pasty M says:

    Hi there. excellent job. I have not tried this Tomatin as yet. This is a marvelous review. Many thanks!


  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Jane.. it really was a great dram, wish I had more of it..


  5. Jane says:

    You have all the luck. A great review, sounds delicious.


  6. Frank says:

    Wow, how lucky you are to have the opertunity to try whisky like this one. I will never have the chance to drink one like this so I am very happy to have found your site.


  7. Janice says:



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