CALEDONIAN 33yo Single Grain.

The Caledonian distillery is certainly not a name most people will recognise and that is because the distillery was closed back in 1988 by UDV.  Today the site is covered by a housing estate but many years ago this site was certainly a bustling whisky producing distillery.. Back in the mid 1880’s the site was employing over 200 men and producing 2 million litres of grain whisky..


This bottle contains grain whisky that was distilled over 3 decades ago while I was still in school ( God that makes me feel old ) and only 144 bottles were produced at a strength of 50.3% abv and is of course all natural !!  Bottled by ” That Boutique-y whisky company”  this bottle  proudly shows the view from the still remaining chimney..

Nose..Glorious caramel and butterscotch notes greet you along with  apple pie and vanilla custard,  candied orange and a little milk chocolate scent leads straight into  a little cinnamon and natural wood tannings that just  give this a lovely well rounded aroma..

Palate.. Starts off oaky and gives a little spicy kick before allowing a more fruity sweet note to coat your entire mouth like popping candy.. Pear drops, werthers original and rich vanilla fudge  all have a turn in tantalising your senses.. Orange cheesecake, and fresh apple peel give a little freshness while the oak just keeps giving a gentle poke to remind you it’s still here..

Finish.. Mellow and seductive.

Thoughts.. There’s Grain whisky and there’s GRAIN whisky and boy does  this earn its place in the second category !! It does not take long to realise this is full of great aromas and flavours.. Elegant from the start this grain whisky just keeps drawing you in until your fully under its spell. Pour a little or pour a lot I guarantee you will want to pour more.. Seductive and ever teasing this is a Grain worth buying !




One Comment Add yours

  1. ilovewhisky says:

    Ah the black token dram.

    Well worth the wait to try! Great review.


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