Over the last year I have had the pleasure of taking part in several of the tweet tastings organised by Steve Rush from the Whisky Wire, but when he teamed up with “That Boutique-y Whisky Company” then I had to apply and cross every thing possible… That Boutiquey Whisky Company is fast gathering a big name and their colourful labels  combined with excellent quality whisky is why they are a company worth watching.. This tasting proved to be extremely popular so when I was indeed picked could not wait to see just what was to be tasted and I was not let down..

Tonight we are tasting 5 expressions from the latest releases.. All are at cask / Batch strength, Natural colour and NCF… As are all releases from the company.

Up first is the 19yo single grain whisky from Loch Lomond Distillery.. A single cask bottled at 49.7%abv and all natural.. This is a sample from one of 267 bottles and has a rrp off £54.95.

Nose.. Delicious caramel leads straight into butterscotch and vanilla with subtle spices, pear, apple and hints of orange rind before a little oak surfaces and offers up a soft malty aroma with a faint hint of coffee in the background..

Palate.. Starts off with caramel, vanilla and digestive biscuits, before a little wood spice kicks in with apple pie and toffee sauce and a smidging of honey, sticky toffee pudding and custard..

Finish.. Sweet and delicious

2nd up on the night was Secret distillery #2 batch 2 ( Glenmorangie ) bottled at 51% abv and by the colour ( nicely pink ) I’m guessing from a port cask ..  This bottle is one off 124 bottles and has a rrp of £107.95.

Nose.. Lovely and sweet and just invited you in, full of summer berries wrapped in soft fluffy pastry, squashed grape and stewed apples.. Heather honey poured over apple strudel, aniseed, cinnamon buns and fruit jelly. Fruit salad and mojo sweets or something along those lines..

Palate..  Sweet and drying with fruits galore.. Marzipan, icing and a cherry on top, summer fruits, hints of dates, chocolate and Eaton mess..

Finish.. Drying with sweet oak notes.

3rd up is the Mortlach 18yo, bottled at 48.9 and is one of 363 bottles.. This has a rrp of £93.95.

Nose.. Very fresh and fruity with a lovely floral note.. Heather, blossom and lots of vanilla fudge.. Toffee apples, ginger infused chocolate, cinnamon and freshly ground coffee beans.. A little natural wood tannings, burnt sugar and nutmeg round this off very nicely..

Palate.. Put your gnashers in, it’s chewy..  Spicy, oaky and a little chilli heat.. Vanilla fudge along with marshmallows,  orange segments and pear all covered in chocolate sauce..

Finish .. A little drying with wood spices till the end.

4th up is a 25yo Glenrothes, batch 3.. Bottled at 49.7% abv  and is one of 139 bottles, this has a rrp off £119.95..

Nose.. Full of fresh fruits, apples, pears, orange rind, toffee sauce and caramel all mingle with a subtle hint of coconut, vanilla custard, ginger root and sugared almonds..

Palate.. A little spice at first but this soon gives way to a fruity onslaught… ripe pear, apple and candied oranges with a little heather honey thrown in for some additional sweetness.. Sugared almonds, chocolate M and M’s and a little coffee note in the background followed closely by subtle oak..

Finish.. Softly spiced with a twist of oak.

Last up on the night is a single Irish 24 yo malt.. Bottled at 46.8% and is one of 264 bottles. This has a rrp off £124.95.

Nose.. Soft and fruity.. pear drops, stewed apples, citrus peels, melon and fresh blossom.. A real subtle touch of oak and soft spices round out this delicate offering.

Palate.. Still fruity with a little tang.. soft spices and delicate oak, a bowl of fresh  fruit salad, sweet honey and a touch of chocolate in the background.

Finish.. Delicate, fruity with soft oaky notes..


Overall thoughts..

As with all the tastings organised by Steve this was a resounding success.. Trending 3rd on twitter we had people from all round Europe taking part and the tasting notes were flying out..  All malts were very well received .. Well almost all by everyone ..


my top dram was the Mortlach, closely followed by the Irish and Glenrothes. Didn’t really care for the secret dram. #BoutiqueyWhisky


#BoutiqueyWhisky This Irish Single Malt knocks me out of my socks. I love the fruity fruit fruits, but WHERE DOES IT COME FROM!


The palate … oh my, plums, mandarin, warmth, papaya, kiwi … very tropical #BoutiqueyWhisky


Loving the prickly, zesty feistyness of the nose on this one. #BoutiqueyWhisky


#BoutiqueyWhisky back to the good stuff! GR: finishing off with fizzy cinnamon sugar and anise, Chinese 5 spice in a glass!


#BoutiqueyWhisky Can I just say… UUUUUUMMMMMMM! 🙂

Yes you can Jo !!!!


It’s getting fruitier… #Mortlach #BoutiqueyWhisky


#BoutiqueyWhisky Glenrothes.. mines all gone.. I WANT MORE…. Please


The palate is like a bomb … salty, chocolate, creamy, spicy, salty .. a complex whisky, this is #BoutiqueyWhisky


SD F: Strawberries, raspberries, a fruit explosion in a summers meadow, with a touch of vintage lace and honey. #boutiqueywhisky

Just a few of the notes and as you can see it sounded amazing.. And it was !!

Many thanks to Steve from the Whisky Wire, Dave and all the guys/girls at ” That Boutique-y Whisky Company for the samples and a big shout out to all who participated..

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  1. Philip Turner says:

    A great job. This is a nice story. Great whisky. Thanks!”


  2. Summer says:

    Boutiquey whisky company is awesome, the labels are always fun and the whisky is great value.


  3. Dwight M says:

    This is my first time to pay a visit to your site and i am actually pleasantly surprised how good it is to look at and to read, your reviews are close to my thoughts from what I read.|


  4. Miss L Jacobs says:

    Useful and entertaining information. Fortunately I discovered your site after searching for the boutiquey whisky reviews, I am now happily following your site.


  5. Franck Starowitz says:

    A fascinating piece, its pleasant conversation on the topic of this whisky company, I enjoy what whisky I have had from them and want so much to try many more.


  6. Clydeandbonny says:

    These guys are becoming my favourite indie bottlers and the service through master of malt if top notch


  7. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks Simon, glad you enjoyed the review, please feel free to drop in any time..


  8. S H says:

    fantastic post, very informative. You make the flavours jump of the page. You must proceed your writing. I am sure, you have a great readers’ base already!


  9. Carrol Hutton says:

    A well written piece.


  10. Tt says:

    Love Boutiquey whisky.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Steve says:

    Your review conjures up the impression of a fabulous evening. I read with great envy.


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