GLENDRONACH 1989 Single cask, Batch 14.

Its Glendronach time again and on offer is the single cask offering from 1989, this latest batch release ( batch 14 ) for which I have already reviewed the majority has been exceptional and has offered up some real gems and a great diversity of flavours and aromas and I hope this one won’t be any different!


Bottled at 54.8% abv with no added colour and NCF,  what more could you ask for ? Taken from an Oloroso sherry cask (#2662) with an official age of 26years old and limited to 557 bottles.  The colour offers up a lovely deep bronze appearance.

Nose.. This holds all the typical notes of dates, raisins, plums, candied orange along with dark chocolate and gentle hints of cigar  boxes, a hint of liquorice mingles with vanilla and wood spices.

Palate.. Rich and elegant.. Those dark fruits along with chocolate, coffee, liquorice and citrus notes all leave an instant impression  upon impact, then the spices come through with a taste of ginger, cinnamon and a little black pepper note.

Finish.. Lingering soft oak and a gentle sweetness.


Thoughts.. This one takes its time to open and when it does it is quite devine  although it does not give you that big punch of aromas like some of the others,  it does give you a more gentle balanced aroma that makes you more intrigued as to what the palate might bring..  This certainly gives another dimension to the whole series which has offered up some real big explosive drams down to more subtle expressions and every notch in between..






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wade Summers says:



  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Amy.. What a great idea and I know he will love it once he gets his hands on it .


  3. Amy says:

    I have been browsing your site for a while, yet I never found a reason to comment but this review got my interest because I bought this bottle to keep for my son. i think this now sounds like a good bottle for a future present to him in years to come.


  4. A says:

    Another great whisky reviewed by you sorren.


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