BENRIACH PEATED (Cask Strength) Batch 1..

BenRiach recently announced the launch of the new Peated cask strength batch number 1 and today I get to review said whisky ( lucky me) .. This new release is said to be made from heavily peated barley and has been bottled at 56% ( cask strength ) as well as being natural colour and of course NCF..


Nose.. There is not anything subtle about this beast.. Instantly smokey and woody, burnt sugars with butterscotch along with toffee apple and ripe pears.. Hints of dying embers, ash and damp wood that is still smouldering.. Damp leaves and a dusting of cinnamon, ginger and toasted almonds..

Palate.. Whack … Lots of wood spices and smoke flavours just fill your mouth upon impact, once your passed that initial burst there is some pleasing fruity notes and quite a bit of sweetness..

Finish.. Smokey all the way with a mix of oak and spices..


Thoughts.. This is borderline insane !! The peat is beastly and packs a pretty big punch, it will also give any Islay expression a run for its money.. Off course the abv does help give that extra punching power and also helps show off what is on offer.  I am sure most of you will prefer this with a little water, after all it does tame it a little but it is so much better as it is..    If your into your peated whisky then boy is this one for you, If your not then stay clear as this as it takes no prisoners….


Thanks go out to BenRiach for sending this sample for me to review..


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  1. whiskywings says:

    This is borderline insane !!

    Brilliant 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi josh.. I like the 12 sherry for a starter or even the 10 would be a great place to start 👍


  3. Josh says:

    I would like very much to try a whisky like this one, I have not had anything from Benriach and I really think I need to change that and soon. What would you recommend?


  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thank you Sarah 😊


  5. Sarah Thorley says:

    Great review as always

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