GLENDRONACH 1985 (batch 14)

IMG_4241Let me tell you a little story, Towards the end of last year ( 2016) I was given the news I was to be made redundant, feeling totally down I returned home to find a package containing a number of samples and to say I was slightly stunned with the contents is a massive understatement! Now I know to many bloggers out there this would be pretty nice to receive but to me this was like Christmas.. Never in my wildest dreams would I expect to receive something like this, a box containing Glendronach.. the whole of batch 14.. I had to sit down for a few minutes and actually take in what I had just received.  I then decided I would review them in order from youngest to oldest and all individually because to me they deserved to be reviewed to the full and as individual bottles rather than as a batch..

This review therefore is the oldest in the batch and is obviously my last. This 30yo vintage was laid to rest back in December 1985 in a Pedro Ximenez sherry butt (#1037)  and yielded 507 bottles.. Bottled at 52.3% abv this is all natural colour and is NCF,

Nose..  This starts off so softly with delicate aromas of dates, sultanas and plums all mixed up in a rich syrup.. Then as time goes by this just intensifies with rich dark chocolate, candied orange, glacier cherries, molasses and tobacco.. A delicate hint of marzipan along with aniseed, cinnamon and root ginger all surface alongside the faintest hint of oak.

Palate.. Starts with a little more spicy zest than the nose would have suggested, more oak and a little pepper with ginger, you then start to notice the sherry influence come through with lashings of dark fruits, rich chocolate, ground coffee and old cigar boxes.. A slightly earthy flavour hangs on the back of a little burnt sugar and caramel note.

Finish.. Long and warming with a twist of woodspice.



Thoughts.. This review ends the journey and although I am a little sad I can only look back with fond memories of some absolutely fantastic and incredible drams tasted, each and every sip has been a total pleasure and to end it with this 30yo is just the icing on the cake.. This is of course Exquisite and extremely seductive and feels like a real touch of luxury and any one who thinks I’ve gone over the top should try this and I dare you to tell me it isn’t so !!



I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone involved at Glendronach for this sample and the support you have given me.. This journey through this batch has been amazing..





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  1. Jane says:

    I’m going to quote you “anyone who thinks I’ve gone over the top should try this and I dare you to tell me it isn’t so!!” This is what lots of other reviews completely miss, the human factor, the honest down to earth ‘this is how it makes me feel’ experience.

    It is about that moment in time.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your feelings through your words.

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