Ocdwhisky meets This is my dram podcast.

A few weeks ago while working for Paul John whisky at the Whisky Lounge festival in Newcastle I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with the guys from “This is my dram” .. These guys do a podcast and whisky blog that also incorporates music ! Although fairly new I must say it does make for a great listen and is very entertaining.. Shortly after the festival myself and good friends Craig from the “Craig lee Watson ” whisky blog were approached to take part in a podcast regarding Paul John Whisky.. Well we were never going to turn down another opportunity to talk about whisky to someone who wanted to listen !! Sunday came and the phone rang, we chatted for about an hour or so, drank some whisky and that was it, until today.. the guys actually found something serious enough to use.. Well I think it made sense, so if you fancy a listen then here is the link..




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent podcast. I was checking for this to appear, made for a great listen. Thanks and good luck.


  2. Will says:



  3. Thomas says:

    Really enjoyed listening


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