Thinking aloud

We often get asked to name our favourite whisky or what makes a perfect whisky but to me the more important question should be what is whisky to you.. For me it’s a way of escaping the day to day stresses, a way to just sit down and let the world go by without having to worry if you can afford to eat this week or pay the bills.. The moment you pick up that bottle and pop the cork you are taken on a journey to some distant place.. You pour the liquid into your glass, swirl it a little and raise it to your nose, the instant those aromas hit your senses then the journey begins, will it be some distant memory or just a place where nothing matters but your thoughts.. Drinking whisky is what you make it, it can be as pretentious or as simple as you want it to be, it can be the most incredible journey or just totally non discript..

The power behind such a simple product is quite amazing, it can split opinions, it can bring people from all ends of the planet together, people who have never met and might never meet can have so much in common just because of this simple product, strong friendships can be formed and vice Versa, to some it is a way of life and to others it’s just a drink.. Which ever part you fall into, the next time you pour your dram just enjoy the journey, however long or short it might be.. Slainte.


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  1. Jimmy says:

    Well said, I agree with your thoughts.


  2. ilovewhisky says:

    Nice honest and open piece…reminds me to have something special and drift back in time this evening.

    Liked by 1 person

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