Glenburgie 9 yo (Claxton’s)

Claxtons, the Yorkshire based independent bottlers continue into 2017 with another single cask release.. This Glenburgie 9 yo from a single hogsheads cask is of course natural colour and NCF, bottled at a cask strength of 57.8% abv you can’t really ask for much more..

Glenburgie is not a whisky that we come across everyday although the distillery has a capacity of around 4.2 million litres per year most of this will find its way into blended whisky like Ballantines..


This bottle is from a single cask and was distilled in March 2008, bottled in 2017 at a strength of 57.8 %, the colour is very pale straw ( no e150 in this !! )

Nose… There is a youthful spirity aroma that showcases an array of fresh fruits and delicate floral notes.. Peaches, nectarines and a hint of summer fruits all lead into soft vanilla, hints of honey, citrus  and gentle spices.

Palate…  Wood spices dominate the palate with hints of vanilla and the fruits that sparkled on the nose..

Finish.. Spices with a youthful twist..

Thoughts.. A very interesting youthful single malt.. Some whisky just needs a few more years in wood to give you something interesting to taste but this one has plenty to say already..  As with all Claxtons bottling sits about timing and she is not the most important thing with this company.. The whisky needs to tell a story, it needs to be able to grab your attention ( in a good way ) and although this is a youthful whisky it has plenty to say.. Ok it’s not the most complex whisky in the world but it does not have to be, this is for the non snobby whisky drinker, the type of person that wants to appreciate a whisky rather than show off the 30-40 year old age statement boldly written on the label..





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  1. Joetta says:

    I am able to find good advice from your blog posts. Thank you for the work you do.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thanks for the comments..


  3. The captain says:

    Not a name that I have come across before although I am just at the beginning of my malt experience. I liked your honesty and way of thinking.

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