Lossit-Small batch (The Lost Distillery Company)

Turning back the clock in whisky isn’t always possible but ” The Lost Distillery Company” are trying to do just that, well ok not quite turn back the clock but rather to give us an indication of what these lost distilleries might be producing today if they were still operating..   Lossit ” Farm ” distillery was situated on the iconic island of Islay in the parish of Kilarow and Kilkenny towards the east of the island and operated between 1817 and 1867.

The distillery first founded by Malcolm McNeill who was a farmer in 1817 was to become the largest “farm-distillery” producer of whisky in its brief history on the island, and helped transform the whisky industry on the island from illegal distillation and smuggling to a legal status.

During the years of 1831 – 1833 the distillery went from producing 78,424.6 litres to 102,300.66 litres using the two old pot stills – a wash still and a spirit still which were small and stumpy..  In 1833 records show that the whisky was sold by the gallon and the option to rent a cask for the whisky would cost 5 shillings and 6 pence and it was requested that the cask should be returned within a month in order to be re filled..  Most of the casks used by the distillery would have been ex sherry casks although it is known that some ” pure” oak casks were made locally for use by the distillery..


Todays offering from ” The Lost Distillery Company ” is the Lossit Classic selection “Small Batch” and is bottled at 43% abv and bottled on the 3-5-2017..

Nose.. Soft peat with gentle smouldering woodsmoke carries subtle hints of apples, oranges and poached pear, a burnt toffee note arrives with hints of manuka honey and the delicate aroma of cinnamon and black pepper.

Palate.. The soft smoke carries on with soft spices and hints of oak and vanilla, a touch of burnt sugared almonds and coffee..

Finish.. Smoke infused Chocolate orange and Ovaltine..

Thoughts.. For a peated Islay style malt this is rather delicate, delicious and very easy drinking whisky..  The peat levels are not intrusive and really do balance out with the other flavours..  Certainly worth trying and one for the non peat lovers to use as a bridge into the more heavily peated expressions.


With thanks to The lost Distillery Company and Sian from Talking canvas for the official samples..




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  1. Lars says:

    This article is very interesting for me, thank you for sharing


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