That Boutique-y Whisky Company Blend #3 batch 1.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company just keeps on giving.. This time I have the pleasure of sitting down with one of their blended whiskies, Blend #3 batch 1 which as soon as you open the bottle just seems to scream sherry so I’m more than happy to spend a little time with this in my glass..


So what do we know about this whisky.. Well as stated this is a blended whisky containing both single malts and grain whiskies with a Release of 463 bottles, no colour will have been added and will be NCF.. This is bottled at 48.2% abv and has an age statement of 23 years old, rumour has it that this contains malts from both Glenrothes and Tamdhu distilleries.

Nose.. The nose starts off with dark  Chocolate, candied oranges and dark toffee.. Dates and raisins mix gently with distinct tobacco notes, old leather and coffee grinds.. A touch of vanilla gently floats on the back of soft floral notes and heather honey and whisps of oak..

Palate.. Ok.. A little surprise greets the palate.. A real mix of spices and dark fruits, old leather and coffee.. Chocolate muffins, candied oranges, liquorice and something that feels so familiar but I just can’t put my finger on it..

Finish.. Spicy and sweet.


Thoughts.. The nose on this is just Devine and  the  palate is so delicious that you just want to keep diving in.. I still can’t put my finger on what seems so familiar.. Another classy bottle of whisky from those ingenious guys at Boutique-y..



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