Dalaruan Classic Selection.. ( The lost Distillery Company )

Scotland is probably the first country many of us associate with whisky but do we ever really stop to think about the vast amount of distilleries mothballed, closed or simply lost forever..  One company trying to re create the styles of whisky from some of the long list distilleries is aptly named ” The lost distillery company” the purpose is not to copy the exact recipes but they try to create a style that the distillery might be know for if working today..


Today’s review is a whisky created in the style of Dalaruan, a distillery that was found in the ” whisky capital” Campbeltown.  Founded in 1825,  Dalaruan Distillery played an important part in the production of whisky coming from Campbeltown which resulted in Campbeltown being named as the ‘whisky capital’ of Scotland.  The whisky produced at Dalaruan distillery was triple-distilled and became a key component for the make up of the world-famous Greenlees’ Bros blend, ‘Lorne’.

Todays review is Dalaruan classic selection ( small batch ) and is bottled at 43%.


Nose.. You are greeted  with soft smoke that engulfs some soft fresh fruit aromas, burnt sugar and dunnage warehouse aromas ( fusty, earthy type) fresh cut  damp grass, a little cinnamon, and roasted almonds.

Palate.. Again the smoke leads the way with oak and spices becoming more prominent,  charcoal and burnt sugars lead into a salty sea spray kind of taste while burnt marshmallows and toffee apples give a little sweetness.

Finish.. Oak and spices wrapped in a smokey overcoat..


Thoughts.. Not my favourite release from the lost distillery company but it’s pretty tasty..  I can see this going down well on one of those cold winter days when you need something to warm you up a little..  For those who love the peated styles then I’d certainly say it’s worth a punt !


A big thank you to Sian and the lost distillery company for this sample..


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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi jack, it’s great your enjoying the blog, and there will hopefully be plenty more from the lost whisky distilleries in due time 👍


  2. Jack says:

    Ꮤhen you are fascinated witһ a brand new “hobby” as I am with my new found love for whisky you tend to read and read, luckily I found your blog and I am really enjoying reading your views. I would like to know more about the bottles that are made to taste like old, closed distilleries.


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