THEATRE OF DRAMS A new Islay Whisky Festival

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Introducing a new Whisky Festival in Islay.
23-27 October 2017, Bowmore Hall, Islay.
THEATRE OF DRAMS Whisky Symposium – Five days whisky making
knowledge imparted by distillers, barley experts, chemists, coppersmiths, coopers, brand ambassadors and more.

Theoretical lectures each morning follow the linear process of whisky making – Malting, Mashing, Distillation, Maturation, Libation/Marketing/Nosing & Tasting.
Afternoons offer Peat Cutting, Gaelic (& English) Distillery Tours, Whisky Tastings, Ceilidh Corner, Independent Bottlers, Independent Distillers and much more.

If time is short visit Islay for a day or two to attend, cherry pick events of value to you.
Buy individual tickets from Eventbrite under the Theatre of Drams Organiser. New events uploaded daily.
Logan Air flights from Glasgow to Islay every morning and evening

Impress your friends, your colleagues and most importantly yourself! with your new whisky and distilling knowledge.

If you can stay all week, sign up for the 5 Days Islay Whisky School package. Your hosted week includes lectures, accommodation, special educational distillery visits, dinners and other events. Proudly be presented with your Islay Whisky School Certificate at Grand Finale Whisky Dinner.
email for details.

Theatre of Drams Whisky Symposium/Festival offers educational and fun benefits for beginners, experts and enthusiasts alike.
Participate in a barley seminar with Islay farmers and Dr Steve Hoad of the Scottish Rural Colleges Agronomy Institute.
Learn secrets of Copper and stills from Speyside Copperworks.
Explore the mysteries of peat, peated whisky and phenols, with Rachel MacNeill.
Enjoy an educational Masterclass led by Whisky Maestro Jim McEwan, formerly Bruichladdich, now building new Islay Distillery, Ardnahoe, with Hunter Laing.
Learn why there is no such thing as an illicit still. Share a dram with distillery managers, excise men and Islay locals whilst listening to stories of old.

Theatre of Drams is an expansion and development of the hugely successful Whisky Course Islay hosted by Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) and participating Islay distilleries in 2015 and 2016.
Theatre of Drams teaches YOU the reality of Scotch whisky making. Be part of an exciting event sharing the ways of the past, safeguarding the spirit of the future.

An Educational Celebration of Whisky

Contact Rachel MacNeill.
T: 0747 8109099 / 01496 810 940
email (& Guys!)

Tod Press
Calum MacGregor
Tour Manager Whisky Tours & Events

Rachel MacNeill
Islay Whisky School Whisky Symposium 23-27 Oct 2017 (& Guys!)

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