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25 AUGUST 2017: Kaitlyn Stewart has been crowned the world’s best bartender at the climax of the global cocktail competition World Class Bartender of the Year 2017 in Mexico City.

Over the past week, Kaitlyn has seen off challenges which tested every single skill that makes a bartender truly great. She battled it out in the Lucha Libre ring, going head-to-head with her opponents to create her best classic cocktail. She survived the fire of the Heat of the Moment challenge as she showed how to break boundaries in cocktail making by incorporating the best of culinary techniques. And as global environmental awareness rises, she took on the Mex ECO challenge to show how bartenders can look for new ways to create the ultimate green cocktail.

Guests at the World Class competition witnessed the pinnacle of bartending creations, the setting of new trends, and the parameters of cocktail making pushed further than ever before. While all the World Class Finalists were outstanding, Kaitlyn truly stood out as the best of the best, able to master the Diageo Reserve luxury portfolio to create ground-breaking results.

The World Class Bartender of the Year competition is the biggest in the world with over 10,000 bartenders from 57 countries having entered it. After winning their regional competitions, 55 gathered together in Mexico City on Sunday 20th August. On Wednesday 23rd August, after going to head-to-head with their competitors in the Lucha Libre ring, an elite four made it through to the final round, designed to test them on their knowledge, creativity and mastery of the classics and signature serves.

Kaitlyn is set for a year of adventure – she will have the chance to travel the world as a Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador, making bespoke drinks in far-flung locations and judging competitions. She will also join a roll call of the industry’s finest, becoming the ninth member of the World Class Hall of Fame.

Kaitlyn Stewart, the 2017 World Class Bartender of the Year, said: “I’m so incredibly amazed and shocked to have been named the world’s best bartender. It’s been a grueling week, taking on the toughest challenges against some of most skilled bartenders I’ve ever met. Participating in the Finals was amazing enough but to finish the week as winner… I’m so delighted! Cocktails are on the up now more than ever and to be at the forefront of that, pushing forward the idea of using better ingredients and better recipes to create even better cocktails is something I’m really passionate about and I’ve loved every moment of this experience.”

Johanna Dalley, Global World Class Director, said: “This is a special week in the bartender calendar and it didn’t disappoint – we have truly been blown away. Cocktail culture is booming and these World Class Finalists are the people who are leading the way, helping the industry grow from strength to strength. At World Class we are on a mission to inspire people to drink better and shape the future of drinking, whether at home or in the bar. The World Class Finals are an incredible way of bringing us one step closer to that and we couldn’t do it without the incredible bartending talent that we’ve seen on display this week who continually inspire and entertain.”

Diageo Reserve’s Global Cocktailian and World Class Judge, Lauren Mote, commented: “Wow. Wow. Wow. What an incredible week! As judges we’ve seen everything, from six foot high flames to ingredients brought together in ways I’ve never seen before.”

Speaking about the competition winner, Lauren said: “Every finalist was incredible but for me Kaitlyn really stood out. Her Lucha Libre performance was exceptional, the way she handled the Heat of the Moment round blew me away. And by the time it came to the final challenge, we wanted to find someone bursting with skill, knowledge and charisma, with unbelievable creativity and an incredible mastery of the classic and signature serves. Kaitlyn well and truly delivered. It was a phenomenal thing to witness and be a part of.”

Earlier in the competition, World Class revealed four trends expected to change cocktail culture in the next year. Speaking about the trends, Lauren said: “The aim of World Class is not just to find the best bartenders in the world. We also want to inspire cocktail fans around the world to drink better – we want more ‘armchair mixologists’ to have the courage to explore what’s possible and create their own signature serves in the kitchen. Next year we expect just that – people experimenting with cocktails at home. We also expect sustainability to become a driving force behind cocktail creation, be that in the ingredients used or the methods applied. Signature Serves will feature more and more as bars strive to create unique drinks experiences for cocktail tourists. And lastly, we think enlightened mixologists will adopt ingredients and cutting edge techniques from a transformed gastronomy culture, pushing the parameters of cocktail making as we know it. It’s going to be an exciting year!”

World Class will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Berlin, one of the world’s most dynamic cultural hotspots. “Berlin is famous for its diverse nightlife and vibrant bar culture – a perfect place to host our 2018 World Class finals. The streets are lined with cutting-edge bars, all pushing the boundaries of cocktail culture and helping people get more from their drinks. Not just that, the style of the city and its creative and diverse cultural make-up, means that it will be a spectacular experience for everyone,” commented Johanna Dalley.

World Class is on a mission to inspire people to drink better and shape the future of drinking, whether at home or in the bar. If you have been inspired to drink better, visit or the World Class Facebook community, where you can find delicious new recipes from our finalists, how-to videos and et the low-down on the latest trends.

WINNER’S BIOGRAPHY: Kaitlyn Stewart (Place of work: Royal Dinette)
Kaitlyn has grown up in the hospitality industry, with both of her parents having careers that gave her exposure and ignited a passion for it from a young age. She knows that dedication and hard work can lead to great things. Kaitlyn is inspired by the music she listens to, the food she enjoys and also the customers she interacts with at her bar. Her dream is to continue learning her craft, explore more of the world and eventually open up her own spot!

Mex Eco Cocktail Name: Diced Pineapples
1.5oz Tanqueray No. Ten
A pinch of sea salt flakes
0.75oz of Lime Husk
0.5oz Pineapple Gomme
1oz Pineapple Kasu
0.5oz Junmai Nama Nigori Sake
1 dash of Bittered Sling Lem-Merrikhsh bitters
2 pieces of dehydrated pineapple
A pinch of grated black lime
3 pineapple leaves

Combine all ingredients into a shaker tin. Vigorously shake for 10-12 seconds. Fine strain into chilled recycled pineapple juice can over ice. Garnish with black lime, dehydrated pineapple and pineapple leaves. Serve and enjoy.

Signature Cocktail Name: Spilt Milk
1.5oz Bulleit Rye
0.25oz Son of Vancouver Amaretto
0.5oz Milk Liqueur
0.5oz Cherry Shrub
A pinch of sea salt flakes
2 Lemon wedges
1 dash of Apricot kernel bitters
1 Lemon twist
1 gingersnap

Combine all ingredients into a shaker tin. Vigorously shake for 10-12 seconds. Fine strain into a mini milk bottle over crushed ice. Garnish with a twist of lemon and a gingersnap cookie. Serve and enjoy.

Heat of the Moment cocktail name: Boy named Sue
1.5oz Johnnie Walker Black Label
0.5oz Campari
1oz Rapid infusion Pimms
Garnishes of Flamed rosemary, charred lemon wheel, pineapple frawns

Combine all ingredients into shaker tin. Vigorously shake for 12 seconds. Fine strain over ice in a Collins glass. Top with soda.

Cocktails at Home Cocktail Name: Detox and Tonic
1.5oz Tequila Don Julio Añejo
4 pieces of pineapple
0.5oz Lemongrass syrup
1tbsp Grated ginger
0.5oz Lime juice
Lemongrass stalks
Lemon wheels

Shake. Glassware: highball.

The Finalists
Finalists represented each of the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong & Macau, Iceland, India, Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, USA. Cruise Ships are also represented by finalists from these sectors.
About World Class
World Class is on a mission to inspire people to drink better and create unforgettable experiences in the process. Whether at home or in a bar, World Class encourages consumers to think and care about fine drinking in the same way they care about fine dining.

World Class has supported, trained and inspired over 300,000 bartenders across the globe over the past nine years, while partnering them with the world’s finest spirits – the Diageo Reserve collection. World Class is also the authority on the drinks industry whom consumers look to for the information on the latest drinks, trends, cocktail recipes and industry insight.

World Class hosted the ‘World Class Bartender of the Year’ – the world’s biggest bartending competition. After local competition around the globe, 55 of the world’s finest bartenders competed in Mexico to be crowned the world’s best bartender.

About Diageo Reserve
Created in 2004, Diageo’s Reserve division focuses on the global luxury opportunity, bringing together brands built on strong heritage, craftsmanship and authenticity. This luxury portfolio consists of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Ciroc, Don Julio, Tanqueray No. TEN, Ketel One vodka, Zacapa, Bulleit and a fine collection of Single Malts. The Reserve portfolio accounts for 16% of Diageo’s total sales and has grown by 7% this financial year.

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