Kavalan Sherry Oak.

This is the second review in a short series looking at the whisky coming out of the Kavalan distillery located in the Yilan province in Taiwan, the distillery is located under the Yi-Lan mountains near to the Pacific Ocean..


This Sherry version is derived from the Solist Sherry expression, that has matured in the finest Oloroso butts, the whisky in the sherry oak is no different other than the fact it is watered down to the 46% abv using local spring water..

Nose.. Dates, raisins and candied orange along with dark chocolate, sugared almonds, coffee grinds and old tobacco boxes just delight the senses.. Spices and subtle oak work together in harmony with a little touch of vanilla and burnt sugar and somewhere deep deep down you can find a really subtle struck match (sulphur) note, but boy is it delicate..

Palate.. A lovely soft fruity note instantly covers the mouth while subtle spices and those typical Sherry notes just mingle perfectly.


Finish.. Drying and spicy with hints of dark chocolate.

Thoughts.. This one interests me a lot, the nose is quite soft for a full maturation sherry cask but that actually lets you find some of those more subtle notes.. As soon as you dive into this you get those wonderful Sherry notes and although it does feel softened a little like I said earlier it really does enhance the experience you will have… My only problem with this and possibly the others in the range is the price.. The whisky is good but it is priced in a bracket too high ! But please make up your own mind, like I said the whisky is good !!






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Austin says:

    Overpriced and nothing more than an average whisky at best !


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Just John,
    It is indeed all a matter of taste and opinions, glad your enjoying the reviews though 👍


  3. Justjohn says:

    Hi Sorren. I was not impressed with the Kavalan range when I first tried it, I just thought it lacked a lot of depth and flavour so I guess it will s all a matter of taste. Still a good review though !


  4. Bryan says:

    Kavalan whisky is a favourite for me so wonderful post and very informative. Look forward to reading more review from you.


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