Glendronach Kingsman

When a whisky is paired with a film you hope it’s going to be worthy of the title and that the film will actually be worth watching, so when Glendronach announced they were going to release a special bottling to celebrate the release for the film “The Kingsman, The Golden circle” I was thinking this might  just be another rather special whisky from Glendronach.

Boasting an age statement off 25 years and hailing from 1991 ( the birth year for the main character “ Eggsy” ) the Glendronach Kingsman just seems to be a perfect fit, then add in the factor that the films director Matthew Vaughn is a big fan off Glendronach whisky you can further understand the connection.

Rachel Barrie, the Master Blender for Glendronach selected the finest sherry casks in order to produce this whisky which is said to be fit for a Kingsman, to drink its “smooth, elegant and packs a punch” which just happens to be the perfect description for a Kingsman and his drink..

The whisky itself is presented in a rather beautiful presentation box and bottled at 48.2%abv and is of natural colour and non chill filtered..

Nose.. Dates, figs and ripe plums greet the nose with rich dark chocolate, espresso coffee and old cigar box scents giving a little more depth..  Dark toffee, red apples,  burnt sugars with candied orange and Manuka honey all give this a wonderful balance..

Palate.. Soft oak wraps around everything like an overcoat and leads you perfectly into Spices and dried fruit with hints of Turkish delight, rich chocolate, old leather, liquorice and plum pudding drizzled in a rich toffee sauce..

Finish.. Spicy with a fruity twist..

Thoughts.. Giving a whisky an image to live up to is a brave thing indeed, and by telling us this is fit for a “ Kingsman” (even though it is a fictional character) gives us the impression of a decadent and sophisticated whisky and luckily this fits that description perfectly..

This Glendronach kingsman is a wonderful creation from Rachel ( I did not expect anything less though) it is beautifully balanced and has plenty of depth with wonderful complex aromas and flavour.  With each sip It is easy to slip into a different reality,  the aromas send you into that old style study / library,  sitting in that old leather chair with your glass in one hand swirling the liquid round, a cigar in the other and just living the high life full of danger and espionage..

This is indeed fit for a “Kingsman”

With thanks to Eddie for the sample.. Slainte.

Glendronach Kingsman..



4 Comments Add yours

  1. pajak says:

    Was not impressed !


  2. Whisky drinker says:

    Thank you for this review, great job.


  3. J S says:

    This is such a great whiskey, I tried at a tasting recently and it blowed my mind.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Another top notch whisky review ocdwhisky.


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