Wemyss Malts.. As it says on the bottle !

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes dark evenings and bitterly cold nights.. The sort of nights you want to pour a dram or two, or maybe just join in on one of the tweet tastings run by Steve Rush from the @whiskyWire and @tweettastings.. The latest tasting involved Wemyss malts who if you don’t know are Independent bottlers for both single malts and blended whisky..


The portfolio of expressions released so far is second to none and the core range of blended expressions has many many followers due to the robust flavours and aromas.. One of the best things about the range is the extremely clever way they name the bottles, as each name describes exactly what the whisky inside should come across as !

Expresions like Spice king, hive and Peat chimney leave very little doubt as to what your about to taste and so when I was offered a place on the latest tasting I expected a great tasting..  So when the latest pack arrived containing Vanilla Burst, Treacle Chest and Spice King I immediately knew I had 3 expressions that should suit my palate perfectly!!

Unfortunately I had a slight breakage in the box too, a bottle of Spice king “ old fashioned “ cocktail was also added in the tasting but mine arrived in bits.. Luckily though the kind people at Wemyss sent out another pack in order for me to do the tasting and review ( great customer service)


So on the night we tasted the 3 expressions and the “old fashioned “ cocktail, my thoughts are as follows.

Vanilla Burst..


Matured from first fill bourbon casks and bottled at 46% abv this is Non chill filtered and natural colour. This is a blend of only 2 Speyside single malts and is limited to 4800 bottles..

Nose.. Forgive me for stating the obvious but.. Vanilla… With  Caramel, maple syrup, toffee, soft spices, fresh fruits and citrus peel.. very fresh and inviting..

Palate..  It is certainly more spicy on the palate.. but there is still a lovely sweetness wrapped up in that spicy coat.. quite fruity too …

Finish.. sweet but with a spicy twist.


2nd whisky on the night is the aptly named Treacle chest.. This is a blend of 2 Highland single malts with an outturn of 6300 bottles.. Matured solely in first fill sherry hogsheads and bottled at 46% abv with again no colour added and is Non chill filtered.


Nose..  Soft aromas of dried fruits with warming spices, burnt sugar, chocolate, hints of tobacco, old leather and soft fruits all delight the senses..

I love the nose on this one.. it is so balanced and complex.. subtle yet punchy.. fantastic….

Palate.. The sherry went on a spice trip.. those dried fruits are there with cinnamon, ginger and a peppery kick.. loving it..

Finish.. long and drying..

3rd on the night was Spice King..


Once again this is bottled at 46% abv and as all the expressions from Wemyss this is Natural colour and NCF..

Nose.. Fresh and spicy with orange peel and baked pears drizzled in honey, nectarines, apricot, Cinnamon and nutmeg with soft smoke..

Palate.. Certainly more spice on the palate.. It is like an invasion of spices with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon all fighting for top honours.. Subtle smoke mingles with soft oak notes and fresh fruit..

This is just another well balanced and tasty whisky from WemyssMalts !!

Lastly we poured the Spice king “ old fashioned “…


Made up with

50 ml Spice king ( 46%)

15ml simple sugar syrup

2 dashed of Old Fashioned bitters..

Served on the rocks with a sliver of orange peel..

Thoughts.. A lovely refreshing drink with big bursts of Cinnamon and citrus notes, certainly one for those lazy afternoons..

I would like to thank Wemyss malts for the tasting packs and Steve Rush for once again involving me on these tastings..




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