AnCnoc Rudhan…

AnCnoc is one of those distilleries that rates quite high on my whisky list, the spirit produced is superb and really does compliment my palate.. The whisky always reminds me of happy times drinking whisky with its light floral, fruity notes and complex aromas that are always present.

Last year I had the great privilege of talking with Gordon Bruce over a dram or three of AnCnoc whisky before the Distillery Manager himself gave me a personal tour…   All this just made the whisky a little more personal and even today when I pour a dram from the Distillery I have fond memories from that day..

A few days ago I was offered the chance to try one of the latest offerings from the Distillery in the shape of Rudhan, this whisky has just won the gold medal at The Spirits Business Global Travel Retail Spirits Masters 2017 ..


Rudhan is the latest limited edition to join the travel retail peaty collection.. Described as “ Young and Vibrant “ by the judges and was one of only 6 whiskies to receive gold in the category.. The word Rudhan ( roo-an) refers to the final stages in which the peat is stacked for drying purposes..

Bottled at 46% abv this looks like natural colour ( pale straw ) and I would assume it will be NCF..


Nose.. This is quite delicate,  the typical soft fruity side of AnCnoc still manages to shine through the subtle smokiness.. Poached pear and honey, stewed apples and toffee balance out the smoke which soon does its best to be the dominant factor..

Palate.. It has just come alive !!  With the smoke comes spices and burnt fruits, ash and toffee apples, a little citrus and milk chocolate and a very distinct earthy note..

Finish.. Lingering smoke with spice..


Thoughts.. What starts of as a delicate soft AnCnoc on the nose soon develops an aggressive side with the palate being rather robust and punchy..  A very interesting whisky that is sure to be popular with the people that like their whisky with a twist and a little smoke.. This is no Islay peat monster but more of a delicate whisky with attitude..


With thanks to AnCnoc for this sample and use of official photos..


AnCnoc casks sleeping..


Twins.. ones day they might just stand alone..


Anoc Rudhan..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. H j says:

    Who does not like Ancnoc. Very easy to drink and always priced well. Not sure i have tried many of the peated ones though.


  2. karl says:

    Bought it, loved it, want more of it.


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