Laphroaig Lore v Quarter Cask

Opens bottles, pours whisky.. Thinks to ones self, “Peat is in da house” !!

Ok so I already know what’s in store but just how much peat can I take in one go..



Laphroaig whisky hails from that little island off the west coast of Scotland called Islay ( You might have heard of it ) Well know for the export of Peated whisky this small island with a population of around 3200-3300 people is the second home for millions of whisky lovers world wide.. They flock to the island year after year in order to visit and soak in the atmosphere of the distilleries still in operation.

Laphroaig Distillery was founded back in 1815 by Donald and Alexander Johnston, and is found at Port Ellen, Islay.. The Distillery today comes under the wings of Beam Suntory and can produce around 2,600,000 litres of alcohol per year.

Todays head to head is Laphroaig Lore v the Quarter cask which I believe is not exactly the quater cask we all think about but rather a quarter of a sherry butt not the bourbon cask I associate with quater casks !!

laphroaig Lore

The Lore which carries the statement “The Richest of the Rich” and is a term used for the passing down of the skills from generation to generation.. Lore is made up from First fill sherry butts and Quarter casks and is bottled at a very decent 48% abv .


Nose.. This starts of with soft fruits wrapped in a smokey overcoat, smouldering wood with toffee apples, cinnamon and a little peppery bite.. Dark chocolate with ginger, citrus peels and cinder toffee, burnt sugars and almonds all have a part to play.

Palate.. The peat hits instantly wth the taste of ash and burnt sugars, those citrus notes are there along with a real oily mouth feel.. Vanilla and a distinct nutty flavour is present with a little dark chocolate and coffee beans noticeable..

Finish.. Smokey and drying..

Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Second course is Laphroaig Quarter cask.. Matured firstly in bourbon barrels the whisky is then transferred into the Quarter cask for a “ finishing period” of several months.. Again bottled at 48% abv and is NCF.


Nose.. A lot softer on the nose with more vanilla, caramel and toffee notes coming through.. Smoke but not as ashy as the Lore rises and wraps round fruits and honey notes..

Palate.. Not as soft on the palate!! The ashy notes are instant with burnt sugars, spicy with pepper and bitter chocolate all combining into a peat lovers dream..

Finish.. Drying Smoke and peat.

Thoughts.. I think the Lore suits my palate a little more due to more of those sherried notes to mask the peat..Both offer exactly what you want from a peated whisky but the Lore has more depth and complexity in my opinion.. The quarter cask just seemed more gentle on the nose but then a little more harsh on the palate while the Lore leads you in with a more inviting nose and certainly a more rounded palate and smoother finish..

Conclusion for me is the Lore wins hands down and is certainly the one I would rather drink.



Laphroaig lore v Quarter Cask.


Please note this review is the same as all my reviews in that this is my own personal opinion and should be taken as such..

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  1. Andy P says:

    Great to read a comparison review of those two. Normally buy the 10 but looking for something different.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. M l Drake says:

    Could you inform me what style of glass you use to do these reviews? are you ever just using a tumbler?
    They both sound very nice.


  3. Bob says:

    Great review of these two.


  4. Mr G says:

    Totally agree with you. Just have to remember that here in Canada Lore costs more than double of the Quoter Cask.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jack says:

    Two magnificent bottles of whisky that always manage to find a place on my shelf.


  6. Jack says:

    Interesting review as I personally prefer the Quarter cask over the Lore but each to their own I guess.


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