The Gauldrons.. “Bay of Storms” from Douglas Laing.

There is not much that needs to be said when introducing Douglas Laing products! Quality and value are obvious terms as well as a knack to release expressions that entice the senses well before you ever get to taste the products.

Over the past year or so I have had the  privilege of tasting and reviewing a fair few new releases as well as some old favourites from the portfolio of Douglas Laing and this latest release which was released under the Remarkable Malts banner is no exception..


The Gauldrons which translates into “Bay of Storms” joins an already impressive line up including Big Peat (Islay) The Epicurean ( lowland) Rock Oyster (Islands) Timorous Beastie (Highlands) and of course Scallywag which is from Speyside..  The Gauldrons which brings Campbeltown into play is just like all of the expressions released from Douglas Laing in that no colour is added and is NCF..

Bottled at 46.2%.


Nose.. Fresh picked pears and honey,  hints of damp barley, cinnamon, subtle pepper and soft oak..  Soft vanilla, caramel and apple peel gently mingle with candied orange and fresh cut grass.

Palate..Soft spices wrap around fruits and a very subtle peat note. Digestive biscuits, vanilla, caramel and a little bitter chocolate surface along with burnt sugar and oak.

Finish.. Lingering oak and spices.

Thoughts.. Interesting.. Very interesting indeed.. The peat is so subtle that you almost miss it and that really does let all the other flavours come out and shine. This really does feel and taste extremely well, the balance is perfect and the flavours and aromas compliment each other perfectly..

I think Douglas Laing might just have another REMARKABLE MALT on their hands !!


With thanks to Douglas Laing for this official Sample..




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