Auchroisk 20yo.. That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

Another day and another window to open on the advent calendar but what delight will be revealed I wonder..


Todays offering is actually a 20 yo from Auchroisk and is Batch 2. This bottle boasts a strength of 47.9% and is of course natural colour and NCF..

The distillery itself is found in Banffshire, Speyside and is a relatively new one as it was only founded back in 1972 with the intention of supplying whisky for the J&B blend. In 1978 the first single malt was produced and then in 1986 the brand was re-named “ The Singleton” before changing back to Auchroisk in 2001 when a 10 yo was released as part of Diageo’s Flora and Fauna range.. The name was then changed again in 2008 to the “Singleton of Auchroisk “

Nose.. Fresh fruits, citrus peels and oak spices lead you into some sweet toffee notes. Damp grass along with honey and soft oak aromas round this off nicely.

Palate.. Lots of oak and spice notes with those fruits and citrus flavours command the attention while the sweetness just creeps in with hints of toffee and caramel.

Finish.. Stewed apples and oak.


Thoughts..  A real interesting dram with  some real delicious aromas and flavours but I can’t help thinking I’m not 100% convinced with it.. You know those days when you have a dram and you know it’s good but it just feels wrong somehow, well this just feels like it is one of those drams that has a time and a place to really enjoy it but just now isn’t that time or place..


This sample is from the 2017 Boutiquey Whisky Company advent calendar.


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  1. Sacha P says:

    Good Wright up


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