Glen Garioch -Founder’s Reserve

Glen Garioch

Officially founded in 1797 Glen Garioch was originally named “ Glengarioch “ and was actually part of a brewery set up by the Manson brothers who came from farming backgrounds as well as family members who’s trades included merchants, tanners and a vintner ( wine merchant)


In 1837 John Manson one of the co-founders brought his son John into the business and unfortunately died one year later when his son took over the business. John Mason ( jnr ) ran the Distillery as well as opening a snuff mill and maintaining the family interests in tanning, and farming.

in 1884 the Manson family sold the Distillery to JG Thomson and co who 2 years later sold a 50% stake to William Sanderson who stayed involved until his death in 1908 where he was succeeded by his son.  William along with investors then bought out the other 50% stake in 1921 to become sole owners.

Jumping forward to 1995 the distillery closes with the last release of a peated whisky in the 1995 vintage, the distillery then re opens in 1997 and produces only un-peated whisky. The Distillery is today owned by Beam Suntory and exports a large amount of the whisky into the Asian market..

The Founders Reserve

This is bottled at an impressive 48% abv and is NCF..


Nose.. This is rather fresh with some nice fruits and spice aromas that just burst out of the glass.. Green apples with a little pear,orange and a little bitterness that lead nicely into vanilla and caramel notes with toffee and soft oak.

Palate.. This carries on from the nose with a little more spice and those fruity notes all coming through.  Digestive biscuits, apricots along with a subtle hint of chocolate and Manuka honey.

Finish.. oak and spice.

Thoughts..  A rather nice easy drinking whisky that is really helped by the extra abv. The spice and oak that develop are for me rather interesting and add a little depth but I could see that putting some people off as st times it did seem a little dominant.

Certainly one for the cupboard and table when friends are round and you just want an easy drinker.

Glen Garioch – Founders Reserve..



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  1. Sue M says:

    Spot on with this write-up,


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Lol although we should not promote over drinking in any capacity 😁


  3. T Brown says:

    Not the best whisky in the world but it is an ok whisky, I suppose it is one that you just drink on those nights when you want to get slaughtered.


  4. Ralf Betnbeck says:

    Neat blog! I like how you have a mix of high end and low shelf style whisky.


  5. Lesley says:

    Thanks for sharing Do much wonderful content. Glen Garioch is a nice Simple everyday whisky. Thanks


  6. Geoff says:

    I first visited Glengarioch in 1962 believe it or not. obviously too young to sample the product. i must claim a sample some time :o)

    Liked by 1 person

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