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The GlenDronach Distillery is delighted to announce the release of fifteen hand- selected casks in Batch 16 of the cask release programme. The casks, ranging from 11 to 28 years old, and distilled between 1989 and 2006, showcase facets of the quintessential nature of The GlenDronach distilled through the years, matured in the finest Spanish oak sherry casks.

As the distillery continues to honour the patient art of maturation in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry wood, Batch 16 offers connoisseurs a rare opportunity to explore the powerful layers of complexity for themselves.
For the cask release programme, Master Blender Rachel Barrie selects the finest
Spanish oak casks. Each batch represents an exquisite collection of sherry butts and puncheons. However, unusually, Batch 16 also includes a Port pipe to highlight the finesse and ripe bramble fruitiness of The GlenDronach.

The GlenDronach Master Blender Rachel Barrie said:
“The Batch 16 cask selection showcases facets of The GlenDronach house style; robust, elegant, fruity and full-bodied. Each cask individually demonstrates the finesse, powerful complexity and rich layers of sherry cask maturation found in every GlenDronach expression; from the 28-year-old Sherry butt distilled in November 1989 with the robust, mellow maturity of rich fruitcake and smoked walnut, to the 22 year old PX puncheon distilled in June 1995 with sweet treacle toffee and manuka honey. At the other end of the age spectrum, the 11-year-old PX distilled in January 2006 balances sweet and dry complexity as nutmeg- spiced bramble toffee bursts on a velvet wave of cocoa.”
“All casks express The GlenDronach’s persistent dedication to the time-honoured methods and traditions since founding in 1826, a time when sherry and port casks were first imported and used to mature single malt. Revered for mastery of Spanish oak sherry cask maturation, The GlenDronach is synonymous with depth of cask colour and richness of taste, whether in influenced by the sweet dark fruits of Pedro Ximenez or the dry nuttiness of Oloroso sherry. I am delighted to now be sharing the Batch 16 cask selection with connoisseurs across the world.”
Batch 16 comprises between 513 and 698 bottles from each cask, with ABV ranging from 49.4% for the 28 year old 1989 Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon; to 58.5% for the 25 year old 1992 Sherry Butt. Batch 16 will be available to buy in specialist retailers from February in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. See details below on cask availability by region.


Official Tasting notes..

1989 CASK #5476
28 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Deep amber mahogany.
Nose: Robust and earthy with chocolate dates, sweet mincepies and earthy vines, mocha walnut and a hint of coal smoke.
Palate: Succulent sultanas open to fruitcake soaked in sherry, leaving lingering mulled wine, plum skin and gently smoked walnut.
ABV: 49.9%
546 Bottles


1990 CASK #1014
27 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Dark demerara sugar brown.
Nose: Intriguing complexity of Sherry and French brandy-soaked plum, raisin and dates, tempered by dunnage earth and leather saddles.
Palate: At first, elegant soft plums disguise a crescendo of spiced mulled wine progressing to a finale of dried fruit, dark chocolate and walnut.
ABV: 50.9%
641 Bottles



1990 CASK #7003
27 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Tawny brown.
Nose: Richly balanced with cranberry and orange peel fruitcake, on a base of demerara sugar, cocoa butter and tobacco.
Palate: Sultana and apricot brandy, becoming cherry stone and cocoa leaf with a lingering velvet espresso-mocha finish.
ABV: 55.3%
617 Bottles


1990 CASK #7902
27 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Antique copper.
Nose: An old chestnut cabinet opens to the scent of sandalwood and beeswax. On following the scent deeper, discover date oil and spiced bramble pie on an earthy forest oor.
Palate: Orange-laced mocha, spiced mincepies and dark bramble jam carried on a bed of leather-velvet, leaving date oil and prunes into the rich and unctuous long-lasting finish.
ABV: 52.1%
632 Bottles


1992 CASK #103 25 Years Old Sherry Butt
Appearance: Polished mahogany.
Nose: Dark chocolate, cherry liqueur and sultana give way to polished oak and waxed oilskin with traces of birch tar.
Palate: Orange crepe suzette with dark chocolate, maraschino cherry and bramble cream, progressing to a lingering blackberry finish.
ABV: 56.7%
513 Bottles


1992 CASK #127 25 Years Old Sherry Butt
Appearance: Golden walnut brown.
Nose: Fruit and nut chocolate with stewed fruit and oiled oak dipped in crème brulee.
Palate: Unctuous walnut oil and chewy sultanas become nut loaf. A wave of sherry and tangy baked orange leaves hazelnut chocolate into the finish.
ABV: 50.9%
636 Bottles


1992 CASK #334 25 Years Old Sherry Butt
Appearance: Rich mahogany gold.
Nose: Stone fruit, fine leather and morello cherry cake with a trace of cigar box with piquante Valencia orange oil and rolling tobacco. Palate: Sip sherry-laced fruit wine gums, and smooth rolling tobacco leaf with traces of coal dust. Savour lingering sherry and warm leather, and a fine cigar.
ABV: 58.5%
592 Bottles


1993 CASK #55 24 Years Old Sherry Butt
Appearance: Treacle.
Nose: Mellow chocolate-coated Brazil nut, dates and dried apple, with ripe plum and rhubarb, dark chocolate caramel and ginger.
Palate: The refined taste of old sherry casks with dates, treacle and prune syrup leaving traces of dark chocolate ginger in the finish. ABV: 56.7%
567 Bottles


1993 CASK #445 24 Years Old Sherry Butt
Appearance: Brown-tinged mahogany.
Nose: An oak-panelled room with baked gingerbread, old brandy and mulled red wine with chestnuts and game roasted on an open fire.
Palate: Sip sherry oils and dates with angelica root and traces of coal dust from an open fire. Savour red wine, chestnut and pheasant game with lingering traces of liquorice and menthol.
ABV: 52.4%
649 Bottles


1995 CASK #3311
22 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Demerara brown with rose-gold highlights.
Nose: Highland treacle toffee and fruitcake drizzled with acacia honey leading to orange-laced tobacco, dark currants and sandalwood.
Palate: Sip blackcurrant and menthol wine gums with sticky treacle toffee pudding. Savour dark manuka honey and liquorice whirls into the finish.
ABV: 50.3%
518 Bottles


1995 CASK #4038
22 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Russet brown.
Nose: Spiced orange and Victoria plum on baked gingerbread with demerara biscuits and mocha coffee.
Palate: Plum and red grape skins become cranberry and orange jus lengthening into a tobacco leaf and Brazil nut finish.
ABV: 55.1%
681 Bottles


2002 CASK #4648
15 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Antique bronze.
Nose: Cranberry, orange and roast chestnut with linseed and traces of shallot. Becomes sweeter with time, revealing warm oak and toasted vanilla pod.
Palate: Elegant dark fruit and nut chocolate with orange cream cake and lingering Highland treacle toffee.
ABV: 54.7%
678 Bottles


2004 CASK #3342 13 Years Old
Port Pipe
Appearance: Antique copper with an intense ruby hue.
Nose: The nesse of dark chocolate, sweet maraschino cherries and orange-laced sandalwood on a base of toasted angelica.
Palate: Sip ripe bramble, Seville orange and baked cherry cake carried by the finest dark chocolate. Savour lingering hints of roast chestnut, chocolate orange and sweet cherry liqueur, lifted by cleansing mint chocolate.
ABV: 55.4%
643 Bottles



2005 CASK #1451
12 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Tawny rose gold.
Nose: Enticing notes of baked nectarine and dried fig emerge with smooth chocolate hazelnut and maple syrup. Cedarwood and oven- baked gingerbread simmer in the background with winter spices. Palate: Baked nectarine and plum meld with ginger and toasted walnut in an oven-baked dessert, leaving cedarwood and orange liqueur lingering into the finish.
ABV: 56.1%
698 Bottles


2006 CASK #1979
11 Years Old
Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Tawny amber.
Nose: Sticky PX sherry with layers of toasted cedarwood and chocolate orange on a base of cinnamon spiced bramble jam and baked plum.
Palate: Nutmeg-spiced bramble toffee and clementine burst on the palate, carried on a velvet wave of cocoa and wood resin. Cranberry, hazelnut and raisin linger into the perfectly balanced sweet and dry finish.
ABV: 57.2%
679 Bottles

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