Highland Park – The Light.

Highland Park, “The Light”  is the follow up  release to “The Dark” ( obvious I know) and is another limited release ( ok 28,000 bottles is not exactly limited) With focuses more aimed at the lighter side of Highland Park with the use of re fill American oak casks..


Bottled at 52.9 % abv this 17 yo whisky is Naturally coloured and NCF..


Nose.. Gentle smoke leads nicely into a more fruity and fresh style of aromas, apple peels, ripe pear, vanilla and gentle spices balance the nose quite well.

Palate.. The smoke is a little more prominent with a spicier kick than the nose might have suggested. There is a fruity note to be found with apple peels, pear and a little citrus but they are all getting a spanking from the cinnamon, ginger and peppery notes..

Finish.. Oak leads into smoke.

Thoughts.. A decent enough release from Highland Park with some nice points but I have to think calling a release of 28,000 limited is stretching it a little.. Add a price tag of around £180-£190 and it relays a slight annoyance when they seem to lean towards greed and from what is essentially a fantastic distillery producing some great expressions like the 12yo and 18yo and it makes me wonder if they might loose their identity before much longer..

This is a good whisky, there is little doubt about that, but come on HP, please don’t follow the pound signs any longer.. Revert back to quality and value for money..

Highland Park – The Light.

With thanks to Highland Park for this official sample..

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jj says:

    Once again you offer USA great write up


  2. James says:

    All I see is more and more releases that are supposed to interest us customers into parting with yet more of our hard earned cash ! Greed is breeding greed with these companies.


  3. ilovewhisky says:

    Another refreshingly honest review…as always.


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