BenRiach 10yo Triple Distilled.

This expression is a little different from the usual Malts produced at BenRiach and most other Scotch producing distilleries as the majority of distilleries in Scotland practice double distillation with the odd one using either 2.something or the triple distillation technique for which the Irish whiskies are more well known for..


Generally the use of tripple distillation will give us a lighter more floral style of whisky so it is going to be interesting to see how this Speyside will hold up after the triple distilling.

Released for the global travel retail side of things this 10yo is bottled at 43% with no added colour and is NCF..


My understanding is this expression comprises of both first fill bourbon and first fill Pedro Ximenez sherry casks..

Nose..  Soft floral notes mix with a little youthfulness, fresh cut grass, vanilla, apple peels, pear and a little orange rind show up on the back of a little honey and subtle spices.

Palate.. Fruity with soft spices, a little honey sweetness, vanilla and a little citrus bitterness.


Finish.. Gentle but lingering.

Thoughts.. Having a real love for triple distilled whisky this hits the spot for me.. It’s light and delicate,  the aromas and flavours don’t give themselves up easily and I am sure some people won’t get this whisky !!

Where does this whisky sit ? Well for me it’s the perfect whisky for those hot summer days when you want a whisky but really can’t face the heavy hitting peated, sherry styles..  Be careful though as this goes down a little easy and could soon have you sitting with an empty glass…


Benriach 10yo Triple Distilled..

With thanks to BenRiach for the official sample.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. William Hackery says:

    Great review, loads of great and valuable information!


  2. L Downin says:

    Really did not like this but we all taste different things in whisky, found it interesting to read these notes but couldn’t get what you found.


  3. Terence H says:

    This sounds like another great bottle, I enjoy reading the reviews you have released, regards for all the great posts.


  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    They certainly do some great whisky..


  5. Geoff says:

    Great review of an interesting whisky. I love BenRiach but the complete opposite end of their large flavour spectrum I had a fabulous 1990 single barrel in January with my son and JJ chairman of the malt whisky trail which was superb we all loved it but it was dark complex and broody so completely different to this one. More people should investigate BenRiach. It’s a bit off the radar.


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