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The GlenDronach Distillery has released its 7th batch of Cask Strength Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, matured in the finest Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks and presented at cask strength. This whisky recently won a Silver medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This expression continues our tradition of crafting and releasing small batches of The GlenDronach at cask strength each year.
At The GlenDronach, time-honoured production methods ensure that the distillery continually crafts a robust, elegant, and full bodied Single Malt. With each Cask Strength release, Master Blender Rachel Barrie selects unique casks before bottling at cask strength, without the addition of water or chill filtration. Cask strength Batch 7 is bottled at 57.9% abv and as is the case for all GlenDronach expressions, has absorbed its colour naturally from the Spanish oak sherry casks.

The GlenDronach Master Blender Rachel Barrie said:
“The GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 7 is rich in the rewards of slow, mellow and complex sherry cask maturation in the earthen-floored dunnage warehouses at GlenDronach; the rewards being a sublime aroma, rounded taste, full body and long-lasting finish. With a cask selection spanning Summer, Autumn and Winter distillation at GlenDronach, the resulting marriage delivers a malt with a strong heart, complex taste and smooth mellow maturity, belying it’s 57.9% cask strength.
The GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 7 continues our tradition of marrying the finest Spanish oak sherry casks with our robust Highland malt. In this expression, maturation in Oloroso casks has developed a smooth, nutty and rounded character, with notes of Highland toffee, walnut cream, sultana bread and figs. Maturation in Pedro Ximénez casks has contributed plum, cherry and chocolate. Batch 7 offers a unique opportunity to get to know the richly sherried yet smooth and mellow side of GlenDronach cask maturation at natural cask strength.”
The GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 7 is available to purchase from specialist retailers worldwide from June.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! I’m obsessed with it! I absolutely love Glendronach whisky.


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