Turning Japanese with Kamiki and the Kura..

I think I’m turning Japanese, turning Japanese…  O you know how it goes ( well you do if you are old enough ) Another tweet tasting from the whisky wire ( Steve Rush) who this time teamed up with the awesome Dekanta and the Artisan Spirits Company, this husband and wife team specialise in the importing of Japanese whisky into the uk..

On the night we were treated to 3 Japanese expressions, the first two were kamiki ( translation is “ Gods Breath” ) blended whiskies which were created using whisky from japan and then blending these with whiskies from the rest of the world..


Once married together this blend is matured for a little longer in Yoshino Sugi, or Japanese cedar wood.

Kamiki recently shone at the Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2018, as the best performing Japanese whisky, scoring 95 points. Receiving a Gold at the San Diego Spirits Festival in 2017, and a Silver at IWSC, this exciting new expression is quickly spreading across the world.

Bottled at 48% abv this has a retail price of around £68.


Nose.. Instantly into orange smoothie, wood sap, honey, pine needles.. fruity like a fresh fruit salad. There is also a real hint of iron bru..

Palate.. There’s the smoke !! The peat/ smoke makes an instant impact but soon fades away, It is soft but certainly very noticeable.. Fruity still with a lovely twist of spices and the orange notes carry on in harmony with all the other notes..

Finish.. Lingering sweetness but drying..

Next up is the Kamiki intense.. Bottled at 48% this has received a longer finishing period in the Japanese cedar casks..


Nose … Intense is certainly the right description.. This has turned it up a notch or two.. More dried fruits with orange peels. Cinnamon, honey.. Damn I like these aromas..

Palate.. Orange peel, candied orange, orange marmalade, chocolate orange.. did I miss anything.. More spicy and with hints of wood..

Finish.. Shorter than the previous dram but full of sweetness and spices.

Last up on the night was the Kura.. This is made up of whiskies aged 18years old with some younger spirit..


Nose.. Youthful…. Floral and fruity but in a new make way.. Very fresh, damp grass, malty like crushed grains..

Palate.. youthfulness dominates. A little more apple peel, lemon zest bitterness, damp grass and a little sugar cane.

Finish.. Fruity and sweet.

Thoughts.. These were certainly very interesting and the contrast from the first two to the third was drastic.. The youthful aromas and flavours make this a perfect summer dram, but the boldness of the Kamiki and the intense aromas certainly swayed it for me..

Many thanks to Steve Rush, Dekanta and the Artisan Spirit Company for the involvement and for the samples..

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