Deanston 2003 Bourbon cask.. (Byo)

With the ever growing demand for single malts and single cask offerings the latest trend to get you to the visitor centres is to offer you the chance to bottle your very own whisky direct from the cask, although I say the latest trend this is not entirely a new concept and some distilleries have been offering this service for some time now..  This is a unique way to get a rather special, limited release bottle with great memories to boot, now depending which method the distillery offers you will depend on how much fun you actually have.. The best method in my opinion is the old fashioned way with a valinch or a dipping dog but of course this can be more time consuming.


Todays review is for a bottle your own expression obtained from the Deanston distillery on my recent trip up to the Speyside region of Scotland, and yes I know Deanston sits in the highlands and not Speyside but it is on the way !!

So Deanston distillery is located inside what used to be an old cotton mill that dates back to 1785, located on the banks of the river Teith the distillery to this day is operated using the power of water to produce electricity..

This bottle your own hails from a single bourbon barrel which was laid to rest back in 2003 before bottling on the 28-4-2018 at a whopping 63.3% abv…


With the age being between 14-15 years old this single cask has most certainly got a tale or two to tell..

Colour.. Medium straw..

Nose.. A very fruity start with freshly peeled apples, ripe pear, vanilla custard,  caramel and a touch of cinnamon.

Palate.. There is a kick to this one.. With a spicy start there is plenty of cinnamon, ginger and touches of oak before the vanilla and fruits take control.  Some soft chocolate notes appear with caramel, honey and citrus peels all evident.


Finish.. Lingering sweetness with a hot twist..

Thoughts.. Don’t be afraid to add a little water to this one, it does need taming just a little although it is very enjoyable at full strength if you are used to drinking at cask strength..

The initial nose takes some time to open but once it did it was very seductive, the sweetness draws you in but beware of the alcohol!!

To those who know how good Deanston can be it will be no surprise when I say this is bloody tasty, for those who have not yet discovered Deanston I’ll say this.. Get off your arse and get your bloody skates on ….


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  1. Lenny D says:

    Excellent blog you have here but I was curious how you manage to buy so many bottles and drink them ?


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