The English – Smokey Oak.

This is the second expression to be reviewed in quick succession from the English distillery known as St George distillery which hails from the beautiful countryside nestled within Norfolk..


The English Small Batch 8yo Smokey American Oak – Distilled July 2010 – Bottled August 2018 and bottled at 46% Abv with an outturn of 1065 bottles and an impressive 63PPM phenol count..

Nose.. Reminiscent of a smouldering bonfire with damp wood and green leafs, freshly peeled apples, soft spices and a little caramel sweetness.


Palate.. The smoke engulfs everything, rather drying with hints of soft fruits, a little sweetness, burnt toffee and strong coffee..

Finish.. Smoke n oak..

Thoughts.. Why do I find myself drawn to this ? This is everything I don’t look for in my whisky yet I like it.. The youthful notes are no where to be seen in this beast and it’s all about the smoke and peat in this.. It’s not the big medicinal notes but more like the fruity style of peat that is found on the mainland of Scotland..

The smoke is dominant and really takes hold of the palate, it sucks out every drop of moisture and just leaves you with the smoke effect for what seems like eternity..


Damn fine whisky, and it’s peated..


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